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    Welcome to the world’s first cost-effective payment option for purchasing small-value goods and services. Dropp’s pay-per-use micropayment services gives users the power to purchase goods and services for as low as $0.01. Pay for a single digital asset, read one article without a subscription, buy data, or even purchase a cup of coffee with ease. The Dropp extension is a companion to the Dropp mobile wallet. To use Dropp in your desktop internet browser, you first set up your wallet on a mobile device and then connect it to your browser. With Dropp, users can make payments for goods and services with Dropp-enabled Merchants securely without sharing personal information. Why use Dropp? ACCESS GOODS & SERVICES THE WAY YOU WANT Dropp is specifically designed for users to easily purchase small-value goods and services instantly without sharing personal details. Dropp’s wallet is convenient, secure, and allows you to make frequent purchases of merchant goods and services in bite-size portions. PRIVATE & SECURE Dropp maintains complete privacy of your purchases as a consumer. Dropp is a self-managed wallet where users are in complete control of their data. MAKE PAYMENTS IN FIAT AND DIGITAL CURRENCY Dropp supports payments in US dollars, HBAR, USDC. PAY WITH QR CODES Dropp’s QR scanning feature makes purchasing power seamless – scan a product’s QR code and pay your way, without the hassle of entering personal or payment information. DISCOVER MERCHANT OFFERS & REWARDS Dropp helps you discover exclusive merchant offers and referral rewards. Make the most of your spending with instant offers from your favorite businesses. Dropp also helps users earn rewards for referrals to friends and family. We all love sharing our favorite content and products - get paid for sharing your purchases with others. The more you share, the more you can earn. CANCEL SUBSCRIPTIONS IN A SINGLE CLICK Dropp allows users to see what subscriptions they’re paying for and when - and enables you to manage and cancel unused subscriptions easily. NEW: IMPROVED NFT SUPPORT COLLECT AND STORE NFTs View all of your Hedera NFTs in one place. ASSOCIATE TOKENS WITH YOUR ACCOUNT With the newest update, associate NFTs with your account right in your Dropp app. TRANSFER & TRADE NFTs Transfer and trade NFTs instantly and securely with Dropp with other Dropp users. VIEW NFT TRANSACTION HISTORY Easily keep track of your NFT transaction history - from minting to associating, transfer and trading - see every transaction you’ve made.

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