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Conveniently get messenger's notifications, Provide an easy access to Facebook Messenger Notifier is an easy way to check "" from your desktop machine. Clicking on the toolbar icon, renders in a small UI attached to the toolbar popup. Moreover, you will get badge notification for all incoming messages of messenger chat or messenger post. Feature 1. Notifies you every time something happens on within the people you follow via badge-icon text. 2. Features all functions in a customizable UI (see Options page). 3. Better than the Messenger & Notifier for Facebook, we have fixed the bug of badge notification Facebook Messenger Notifier is an unofficial enhancement for Facebook Messenger notification. Note 1: after installing the extension and before opening the UI (toolbar popup) please log-in to via a Browser Tab. For some reason, the log-in page does NOT work from toolbar-popup UI. Let Facebook Messenger Notifier become your most powerful assistant for messenger notifications. Messenger is a trademark of Messenger Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. WAPlus is an independent project and has no relationship to Messenger or Messenger Inc. There are some Tags for extension, such as: whatsapp messenger videollamada,whatsapp messenger facebookpeters,instagram messenger whatsapp oculus,whatsapp messenger theverge,whatsapp messenger updating,facebook messenger whatsapp down,whatsapp web messenger,whatsapp messenger install,whatsapp messenger down many,messenger whatsapp oculus,dual messenger for whatsapp wa,messenger and whatsapp not working,whatsapp vs facebook messenger,download whatsapp messenger,whatsapp messenger not working,whatsapp and messenger down,messenger whatsapp down,whatsapp messenger indirme,samsung dual messenger whatsapp,instala whatsapp messenger,whatsapp messenger installed,whatsapp messenger video,whatsapp messenger descargar,facebook messenger vs whatsapp,whatsapp messenger older version,instagram whatsapp messenger down,free downloading whatsapp messenger,instagram whatsapp messenger many,gb whatsapp messenger,instagram messenger whatsapp,free downloads whatsapp messenger,instagram whatsapp messenger are,instagram messenger,messenger instagram dmsholtengadget,shannon messenger instagram,instagram messenger update,messenger instagram,update instagram messenger,facebook messenger instagram,messenger instagram ar sparkar,instagram messenger are many,instagram facebook messenger are,facebook messenger instagram ar,messenger instagram ar facebook,instagram facebook messenger many,instagram messenger are down many,messenger and instagram down,instagram and messenger,instagram and facebook messenger,instagram messenger whatsapp oculus,facebook instagram messenger oculus,instagram messenger are down,instagram facebook messenger merge,messenger and instagram not working,messenger instagram merge,messenger and instagram merge,instagram and messenger merge,instagram and messenger not working,instagram messenger theverge,instagram messenger down,meta facebook instagram messenger,messenger instagram sparkar,messenger api instagram,instagram whatsapp messenger down,instagram messenger down many,instagram messenger facebookpeters,instagram messenger oculus,instagram whatsapp messenger many,instagram messenger icon,instagram messenger whatsapp,instagram and messenger down,instagram whatsapp messenger are,messenger api to support instagram,api messenger instagram,vanish mode messenger,messenger vanish mode,vanish mode on messenger,facebook messenger vanish mode,fb messenger vanish mode,vanish mode facebook messenger,messenger dark mode,dark mode messenger,fb messenger dark mode,etc..

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