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This is an extension to clip websites and download them into a readable markdown file. Please keep in mind that it is not guaranteed to work on all websites. To use this add-on, simply click the add-on icon while you are browsing the page you want to save offline. A popup will show the rendered markdown so you can make minor edits or copy the text, or you can click the download button to download an .md file. Selecting text will allow you to download just the selected text Context Menus You can also right-click on pages, images, links and selections to copy or download snippets of Markdown. You can also download all tabs in a window as Markdown files External Libraries It uses the following libraries: - Readability.js by Mozilla in version from commit 52ab9b5c8916c306a47b2119270dcdabebf9d203. This library is also used for the Firefox Reader View and it simplifies the page so that only the important parts are clipped. (Licensed under Apache License Version 2.0) - Turndown by Dom Christie in version 7.0.1 is used to convert the simplified HTML (from Readability.js) into markdown. (Licensed under MIT License) - Moment.js version 2.27.0 used to format dates in template variables Permissions - Data on all sites: used to enable "Download All Tabs" functionality - no other data is captured or sent online - Access tabs: used to access the website content when the icon in the browser bar is clicked. - Manage Downloads: necessary to be able to download the markdown file. - Storage: used to save extension options - Clipboard: used to copy Markdown to clipboard Pricing Huh? This is an open-source extension I made for fun. It's completely free. However, if you absolutely have to send me money because you like it that much, feel free to throw some coins in my hat via the following: - - The Common Mark icon courtesy of

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