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Save links to dashboard, shorten links for sharing, highlight text on webpages and add comments is a functional yet beautiful way of organizing and viewing links. You can watch youtube/vimeo videos, listen to soundcloud audio, see images, read articles and visit website links and much more right from one dashboard. You will soon be able to save your links in an encrypted form (Even we can't read them! 😉) It can be used as a : 1. Bookmark manager for individuals : Import browser bookmarks and easily organize them 2. Content curation tool for researchers : Go through your thousands of research links faster 3. Visual board for creatives : Images / videos / audios embedded in one place 4. Link manager for companies : Manage links collaboratively internally with your team How is it better than other bookmarking apps? 1. Easy link imports and exports You can either drop your bookmark export file in the dashboard or use our browser extension to automatically pull your browser bookmarks. You can also import local csv files of links. You can import links from the existing apps you use like Pocket and Raindrop too. It is a one time progress beyond which you will never need those other apps. 2. Organize with tags & folders Pocket won't give the folder structure you desperately need to organize those 1000+ links. Once they are added you need to remember the tags it had to search it again. Linkish helps you personalize your links by adding custom tags while you organize them in infinite nested child folder structure. Movies > Comedy > 2020 > Irresistible 3. Many ways to view a link Other apps embed only a handful of content from your links. You still would have to open 20+ tabs just to see what is in rest of the links. Linkish automatically embed video/audio content from 50+ websites without you lifting a finger and rest links open in a sidebar with built-in preview in a single tab. 4. Can organize the tags too Other apps either flatten your nested folder or charge you for nested folders which is opposite of what a bookmark organizing app should do. Linkish at the time of bulk import of your bookmark exports in HTML / CSV format, keeps the folder structure intact as you had in browser bookmark area. 5. Built-In privacy (coming soon) These days any digitally transferred data is not safe from being hacked and we understand some of your links, personal notes or documents are highly sensitive. Linkish allows you to password protect your individual folders by encrypting them locally in your browser. Your data would make sense only to you when you enter the password.

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