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📨 Use our extension for your browser to download a payment receipt for your order in PDF format for printing. Install AliExpress Invoice Creator & Waybill Download by clicking on the install button. 👩‍🌾 Instruction manual In order to be able to download receipts, you need to click on the extensions icon in the upper right corner, select our extension in this list and click on it. After that, an icon of our extension will appear in the upper right corner. You need to click on it and select "Go to the list of AliExpress orders". In the list of orders, select the order for which you want to create a receipt and click " more...". On the page that opens, you will see a red button “Download a receipt in PDF format". You need to click on it. 🏪 AliExpress™ This is an online store that allows various sellers to search for buyers. When you purchase an item, you will be sent an email confirming the order, but the receipt will not be attached to this email and you will not have the opportunity to report expenses. To be able to get an expense report, use the "AliExpress Invoice Creator" extension & Waybill Download", which will allow you to create a PDF file with an order receipt. ⚖ VAT and regulatory acts In AliExpress™, VAT invoices are not automatic, since the tax legislation and regulations of each country are different. Our extension allows you to create PDF files to confirm your expenses and issue documents similar to purchase receipts. 🛃 Customs In the case of customs control, you may need to prove that your purchase is valid. When buying from an organization for reporting, you may need to get a receipt from Alibaba™. Our extension will allow you to get such a receipt that you can print out and provide where you need. 🆓 This extension is free and does not require a subscription. 👥 About us We have nothing to do with Alibaba™, AliExpress™ or any Alibaba™ partner. Our extension allows you to create a PDF file to prove that your purchase is valid and simplify your accounting. Our software will not create fake receipts, as it only sends documents that have been paid for and confirmed by Alibaba™. 📄 Privacy Policy You can read our privacy policy here: ✔ Agreements By downloading the software and accepting the terms of sale, you agree to transfer your order data between AliExpress™ and the extension (personal data is not collected). For the production of PDF documents, the software manufacturer will be rewarded by Alibaba™ on a pro rata basis as a commercial importer. The system can provide users with free extensions and pay for the creation and maintenance of software. 💽 Privacy and data collection We do not collect your personal data. Your data is processed only locally and never leaves your browser, it is used to create documents and add download buttons. 📧 Contact Email:

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