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The Sauce extension upgrades with better cycling and running information. It's a simple, lightweight and pure client-side JavaScript addition. There are no external API calls made with this extension and it is open source. Feature Highlights: * Peak performance table: * Power * Normalized Power * Heart Rate * Pace * Grade Adjusted Pace * VAM (climbing speed) * Cadence * Sea Power (potential power at sea level) * Themes: * Dark mode * Windows 3.1 (Patrons only) * Royal Peach (Patrons only) * Deep Red (Patrons only) * Export any activity to a TCX or GPX file * Running Power estimation * Analysis page stats are extended to include: * Elapsed power average, normalized power, moving power average and watts/kg * Grade adjusted pace * TSS * Intensity Factory * VAM * Elevation gain/loss * Raw data and graph views * Weight and FTP overrides for all athletes * Inline comments system for activity page * Dashboard features: * Hide virtual activities (except your own) * Hide promotions and challenges * Responsive layout * Detailed Running segments Release Notes: v7.0.0: * xPower support * Safari support * Trailforks support [BETA] * Complete redesign of Peak effort dialog * Segment display in peak effort dialog * Customization of graph data * Enhanced analysis bar with expand/collapse support * Improve Strava page and leaderboard load times with cache system * Bug fixes for Perf Predictor when evaluating downhill efforts * Export estimated watts in TCX files * Theme support for local legends pages and inserts v6.2.0: * Support for Perf Predictor in segments view * Upgraded Live Segment creator tool with editing support v6.1.0: * Option to hide subscribe upsells * Add Sauce options to user menu v6.0.0: * Revised active time calculation (better supports smart recording interval) * Live Segment creation for Garmin devices (Patron Only) v5.5.0: * Performance Predictor: Estimate power requirements for any activity selection v5.4.0: * Sea Power: Watts possible if performed at sea level v5.3.0: * Dark mode v5.2.1: * Remove Polish translation until it can be improved * Switch to local storage to avoid space issues v5.2.0: * Added French, Italian, Polish and German translations * Analysis page menu navigation history v5.1.0: * Responsive layout * Mobile support (Firefox only) * Additional Peak information tables: * Cadence * Pace for cycling * Power for running * Swim activity support * Other activity support (XC ski, Alpine ski, etc) * Bug fixes a plenty * Detailed Run segments (using segment support of rides but for runs) v5.0.0: * Multi category peak effort chart: * Power, NP, VAM, HR, Pace, GAP * Settable peak effort ranges: time periods and distances (Advanced Options) * Upgraded algo for power data * Upgraded analysis view that works in all locales * Kilojoule field * Moving vs elapsed time stats. * Improved placement on page * Running power (watts) estimate * Raw data views; CSV table and graphs * Kilojoules in analysis view * Updated algo for VAM calculations (smoothing) * Rank badges for analysis selections * Support for HiDPI graphs v4.3.0: * TCX and GPX export v4.1.0: * Beta support for VAM (vertical ascent meters / hour) v4.0.0: * Critical power calculations now support irregular recording intervals (non 1 sample / second) * Fixes to running pace calculations * Add elevation stats to critical power and best pace dialogs * Add cadence stat to critical power and best pace dialogs * Support auto closing dialogs when clicking away from them * Much needed code cleanup * Add name information to Advanced menu's FTP overrides table v3.2.0: * Show average pace in running "Best Pace" chart instead of elapsed time * Use kilometer based pace for metric loving athletes v3.0.0: * Activity Feed Filtering (click the sauce bottle to change): * Show/hide virtual runs and rides (e.g. Zwift) * Show/hide promotions * Show/hide challenges * World Ranking badges for segments v2.0.0: * Running support v1.2.0: * Fixes for several loading glitches * Smoother FTP override handling; Added clearing support * Fix for ranking badges when gender is unspecified * Style and tooltip additions to better explain critical power v1.1.0: * Fix analysis view's inline comments to accommodate site changes * Minor style tweak for analysis view v1.0.0: * Fix for updated strava comment data structure * Improved device compatibility of critical power analysis v0.1.0: * Heart rate stats in Critical Power table * Promise of reasonable stability v0.0.7: * Normalized power for selections in Analysis tab v0.0.6: * Inline comments Disclaimer: I don't work for Strava nor have I interacted with any persons from Strava in the writing of this extension. All the information used in this extension is readily available within the website.

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