GateKeeper Password Manager
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No more typing your passwords - passwordless login to websites. Login to websites with your phone or a key. The GateKeeper Chrome extension gives proximity access to web credentials, including one-time-passwords (OTPs) when using a GateKeeper key and software for secure access to your computer. GateKeeper Password Manager Edge extension works with the GateKeeper desktop application to provide password-free, proximity-based access to web passwords. For enterprise users, the extension works alongside the GateKeeper Client desktop application and the GateKeeper Hub server application for businesses to manage secure proximity lock and unlock access to computers and web applications on the network. “This wireless Bluetooth PC lock will not only keep prying eyes out of your files, but it will also remember all your passwords for you, making logins that much easier.” GateKeeper proximity authentication is built for enterprise users. GateKeeper Edge extension synchronizes all your web usernames and passwords with the GateKeeper hardware-based authentication solution. Once a user logs on to any computer on the network using their GateKeeper, all their web credentials are available for them to use through the GateKeeper Chrome extension. Additionally, by registering web applications that support Time-Based One-Time-Passwords, the extension provides the 6-digit OTP in addition to the username and password for the web application, automatically. With GateKeeper, you will have on-demand and secure access to your computer, web and 2-FA OTP codes in one place. GateKeeper also provides a Bluetooth Low Energy hardware token to be used with the GateKeeper desktop application for proximity-based user authentication. You can purchase our GateKeeper Halberd hardware key from our online store at: For any questions regarding proximity lock and unlock with GateKeeper, please email us at or visit

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