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Rewarding you for being You! Powr of You is working to give people a way to take an active role in the data economy. We create a lot of data in our lives today by using various devices, social networks, internet browsers, health monitors, etc. At Powr of You, we realized that everyone uses our data to their benefit with analytics, insights that they monetize. However, you and I don’t share in this benefit today. So we built a tool to take that first step towards giving people a way to actively participate in the personal data economy. Check out more of what more is happening at www.powrofyou.com This extension allows you to connect your Powr of You account and gives you access to various insights. We do this in a two-steps: 1) Footprint - The add-on sees how you traverse the web across various websites. It’s seamless, simply install the add-on and log-in to your Powr of You account. You do not need to interact with us any more than you want to :) 2) Life-hacks - Once connected, you will be able to see and understand your online footprint through our visualizations and insights cards. We have integrated these into your Dashboard and Life-hacks insights. For e.g. you will see if you are a News junkie or a Social Media celebrity, or simply love spending time on emails! We are creating new insights on a regular basis to help you be more productive as you understand how you spend your time online. Goal Tracking is in the works right now. If you have something specific you would like to see, please email us at help@powrofyou.com. We would love to hear feedback. -Powr of You team

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