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Overview OpenedOrNot is a free email and link tracking software for Gmail. This Email tracking software tracks all emails and links and provides real-time updates to Gmail users. Find out the timings of your email opened and the number of times a recipient has gone through the email or followed the link using OpenedorNot. Why OpenedOrNot Email Tracker? At $0, you will have unlimited access to all the features of OpenedOrNot. End-to-end email tracking for Gmail Configurable OpenedOrNot branding Compatible with all Chromium-based browsers Safe & Secure Access to 30+ apps of 500apps for 30 days Daily reports (Coming soon) Link Tracking (Coming soon) Features: Email Tracking Seamless email tracker comes with Gmail integration that provides information about location, date and time that an email has read, and device/browser used. Read Receipts : Get notified with single/double ticks based on the user’s activity on the emails. One-tick (✓) is on-delivery of email, double tick (✓✓) on reading the email. Give push notifications with the Read Recipients option and track the date and time of email read. Real-time Alerts : Get real-time notifications on emails open through push notifications. Get Follow-ups with More Accuracy : Track emails efficiently and reliably using email tracking to prompt follow-ups accurately and end tasks with a higher success rate. Free Access : Get free access to all the features of OpenedOrNot for a lifetime and an additional on our 30+ apps by 500apps. No Branding : The users can remove the OpenedOrNot branding signature logo with a click. Daily Reports (Coming Soon) It summarizes the sent emails and gives intuitive analytics on emails read, undelivered, total read count, and delivered that help optimizes email marketing efforts. Link Tracking (Coming Soon) Tracks all the links, hyperlinks, call to action buttons in the email, and get real-time updates about the date and time of the clicks. Pricing : All the features of OpenedorNot come at $0 Support : Customer Support is available 24/5 & you can always reach us at Who can use OpenedOrNot? Email marketers Link building executives Sales executives Customer support reps Individual users How to Get Started :- OpenedorNot is an email tracker application for Gmail to see when and how many times your mail has been opened or if it has been opened at all 1. Install the extension and navigate to your Gmail account 2. If you are a new user, OpenedorNot will show a popup asking you to sign up for 500apps 3. After you sign up, there will be a button on top right beside the active status. This button is to enable or disable the OpenedorNot 4. If the extension is enabled, you will be able to see tick marks beside the sent mails. 5. If clicked on them, you will be able to see the history of each email sent, the people who opened it and how many times they have opened it. 6. This is the complete functionality of OpenedorNot OpenedOrNot is a part of the 500apps business suite, a brainchild of Agile CRM developers. 500apps is an All-in-Suite with over 30+ apps that meet the requirements of your entire business. It is simple, productive, and trusted by over 30,000 customers worldwide.

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