F1 TV Playback Controls
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    Bring your F1 TV experience up to speed with YouTube style playback controls and Google Cast support. Works with all language audio tracks, closed captioning, and all available video streams. Controls: - [space]: pause / play the video - m: mute / unmute the video - + / -: increment / decrement the volume by 5% - [left arrow] / [right arrow]: backward / forward by 5 seconds - j / l: backward / forward by 10 seconds - f: fullscreen - [1]...[9]: skip to 10%...90% of the video - [home]: seek to the start of video - [end]: seek to the end of the video Release Notes for 0.1.8: - Fixes seeking for live videos - Live videos now start on the live edge - Cast Button works in the UI FAQ / Troubleshooting: I've got the extension. How do I cast? Right click on the video and click 'Cast media to device' When I cast, it just mirrors my screen instead of casting the video. How can I fix this? Your Google Cast device needs to pull the new config that supports the Google Cast receiver for F1 TV. Power cycle / reboot your Cast device and it should pick up the F1 TV Cast Receiver I see a blank screen that says F1 TV (Unofficial) but the video does not load. How can I fix this? It's likely the token for the stream expired. To renew it, click on one of the other video tracks (like a driver stream) and then click back to the video track you were watching. It should load properly then. There's no touch controls for my Google Home! What gives? These haven't been implemented yet. It might be there in a future release! Additional information at https://github.com/outlandnish/ext-f1-tv

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