Cyber Privacy Suite
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Cyber Privacy Suite for Windows 10s Fingerprint Blocker detects and blocks all 3rd party tracking and privacy invasion attempts at once. Cyber Privacy Suite for Windows 10s extension is standalone. What Does Cyber Privacy Suite Fingerprint Blocker Do? Every time you use the internet, you leave the traces of personal information behind. That information is then gathered and matched with dozens of unique identifiers to create a profile. Computer experts call that information tracking “digital fingerprint”, as it can help identify each user based on the collected data. All major browsers have the ability to gather your digital fingerprints during your browsing session, thus creating your personal tracking profile – your digital fingerprint! These unique profiles are then sold to advertising agencies, resulting in so-called “personalized” popups, commercials and other forms of ads. Furthermore, that information can also be abused if it reaches the wrong hands. Cyber Privacy Suite Fingerprint Blocker allows you to proactively deny such profiling and tracking attempts. Without affecting your browsing experience, the Fingerprint Blocker will block all tracking attempts made by either cookies, fingerprinting algorithms or other tracking methods – thus allowing you to browse the internet without any personal information leaked. Be it your browsing habits, shopping preferences, or social activity – that information is now all yours to keep for yourself. Ad Blocker! Surf the web safely and conveniently without being annoyed by flashing banners and distracting ads. The Ad Blocking feature will block both static and dynamic banners, making your browsing experience smoother and faster. Key Features: • Fingerprinting Log Detection and Protection • Hiding Personal Information • Deleting Personal Information • Masking Browsing Preferences • Blocking Third Party Trackers • Hiding Browser Data • Ad Blocker

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