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Every year, the Belgians let more than a billion € in discounts go to waste. The average family is entitled to more than 1.500 discounts through memberships, employer benefits, companies where they’re customers and the mutual health insurances. For instance, at the time of writing, a large energy supplier offers their customers 30% discount on Philips appliances and more than €649 on an electric bike! But 1.500 discounts are only useful when they’re all collected in one single place, and not spread out over 15 websites and apps. And that’s what askOLI does. We collect more than 10.000 advantages of 40+ Belgian organizations on one single platform. Just have a look on Features
  • 10.000 discounts in online and regular shops, restaurants, amusement parks, events, excursions, healthcare, …
  • 1-click activation of all your memberships, automatic updates of deals.
  • Automatic notification when visiting a website where you could have a discount. You never have to think about it.
  • Your advantages are automatically highlighted in the Google and Bing search results.
  • Our deal search engine searches your member deals, but also online discount codes and shop folders. You only need to search once to find the best deal!
  • Seamless integration with the askOLI mobile app.
  • #koopbelgisch #achetezbelge: Oli now also shows you which webshops belong to Belgian companies.
Recommend by PlusPas, La Ligue des Familles, EducPass, Socialistische Mutualiteiten Brussel-Brabant, Essent, Merits&Benefits, MijnBedrijfskorting, MijnKemko, Natuurpunt, Natagora, Pasar, Open Monumenten, Fietsersbond, Uitpas, SSRW Wal+, SodiGent, Leerlingenkaart, Samenaankoop, VSOA, and RestoPass. Also contains the member benefits from Carrefour, CarteProf, MuseumPASS, Touring, VAB, CM Christelijke Mutualiteit, Gezinsbond, PartenaMut Parten'Air, Plus Magazine, Mobile Vikings Deals, Visa-Mastercard, Crelan, Femma, Lerarenkaart, KWB Eensgezind, Zoo Antwerpen-Planckendael, ACMP-CGPM, Accenture, Umicore, Johnson&Johnson, Royal Belgian Football Association, ... And we’re adding new programs all the time. ABOUT THIS EXTENSION’S “PERMISSIONS” If you want to see your member deals in your search results, the askOLI app must be able to scan those. This happens locally on your own PC, your search results are not sent to our website (Firefox doesn’t allow this anyhow). More info in our privacy policy.

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