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This extension realizes Chrome-like tab groups using Firefox’s secure and private container tabs. No special configuration nor other add-ons required! Tab group = Container
  • Use different logins for each tab group
  • By using temporary containers or cookie-erasing containers, you can prevent cookies from accumulating.
Per-container overrides available for:
  • Preferred languages
  • User agent strings (Chrome UAData/Sec-CH-UA emulation included)
  • Per-container proxy settings
Uses: The button to show controls for containers is by default on the corner of the tab strip. The button has three dots in it.
  1. Before starting a task, create a new container for it!
  2. Open tabs related to the task in that container.
  3. When finished, delete the container to remove all the clutters.
  • Isolated cookies/logins for each of tab groups because they are containers.
  • Per-window container management
  • Automatically sorts tabs based on containers
  • Show/hide tabs of a container
  • Create and delete containers as you like
  • Switch windows
  • Change the order of containers
  • Enables First-Party Isolate (FPI) by default (configurable)
  • Panorama Grid - View all the tabs in a nice grid sorted by Containers.
  • Choose a container for each new Tab opened by external applications.
  • List tabs by websites in a window.
  • Button to clear cookies for a container.
  • List and delete cookies by sites in a container.
  • Option to remove cookies automatically for a container when closing it.
  • Option to save memory for inactive tabs withoug closing them.
  • Reopen any tab in any container, from the button in the address bar.
  • Group containers.
  • Use tags to organize tabs inside a container.
Keyboard shorcuts (can be changed or disabled in Add-ons Manager):
  • Ctrl+Alt+G: Open the containers popup.
  • Ctrl+Alt+S: Open the containers sidebar.
  • Ctrl+Alt+1: Windows view on the popup.
  • Ctrl+Alt+2: Containers view on the popup.
  • Ctrl+Alt+3: Sites view on the popup.
  • Ctrl+Alt+5: Open settings.
Compatibility and other extensions Now private browsing is supported. No data is stored in persistent storage or sent elsewhere, whether or not in private browsing. You need to give permission to use the extension in private browsing. This add-on is probably compatible with the Firefox Multi-Account Containers add-on. But you do not need it for this addon to operate. This may not be compatible with our previous add-on “Site-based Tabs.” Please disable the old one if you find any problems. This extension is compatible with most tab management extension such as Tree Style Tab extension. See more compatibility information (additions welcome) at . Perfect replacement for Chrome’s tab groups and the discontinued add-on Conex. Development This extension is actively developed/maintained as of 2023, so please wait for new features/fixes. Available languages: English, 日本語, Esperanto, Français, Español, Русский, Deutsch, Čeština, Galego, Interlingua, 中文 (简体) (Help us translate!) Please report any bugs here:

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要求浏览器内核版本 ≥ 102.0


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