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Markdown is a lightweight markup language which uses plain text to describe formatting information, such as # Heading, 1. numbered list, **bold**, etc. This add-on identifies markdown documents by the extension in the URL (.md, .markdown, etc.). When you navigate to a markdown document, if the content is plain text, this add-on formats it into HTML (with headings, bold text, etc.) as described in the document and displays it directly in your browser. Features
  • Renders markdown files on the web and local files (file:// URLs).
  • Rendering is triggered through a button in the URL bar.<br /> Automatic rendering is available optionally (requires more permissions to check pages for markdown).
  • Works securely, by rendering pages inside a sandboxed iframe.
  • Adjustable rendering style:
    • Out of the box dark mode support
    • Pick page styling from default or github-lookalike.
    • Pick code coloring from all highlight.js styles
    • Add your own custom CSS (in the addon preferences)
  • Use a separate extension page to for heavy pages and environments that try to download markdown files, with
    • Light browser footprint, by rendering pages in a separate worker thread
    • One-time file picker confirmation, to access local files
  • Prepending ext+view-markdown: to an URL opens that page in the extension for rendering.
  • Supports header anchors (i.e. links).
  • Optional markdown syntax extensions:
    • checkboxes,
    • footnotes,
    • fancy lists (e.g. roman numerals)
    • laTeX,
    • mermaid.js diagrams
    • front matters,
    • and emojis.
  • Download rendered result as static HTML page
  • Link to page source
  • Respects website security, including Content-Security-Policy headers, by not automatically injecting code into such pages even when automatic rendering is enabled. Rendering can be forced manually through the URL bar button.
⚠ On Linux and macOS, due to Firefox limitations, your browser may try to download a local markdown file instead of opening it. Simply prepend ext+view-markdown: to the file:// URL and confirm the access, or open the markdown viewer page through the toolbar button and select the desired file from a file picker. Permissions This add-on requires minimal permissions to do its job. There are:
  • Storage (mandatory, not shown by Firefox), to store preferences (including your personalized CSS) in your sync profile.
  • Active tab (mandatory, not shown by Firefox), to access a page’s URL and contents for rendering, when the URL bar button is clicked.
  • Host permissions (optional, presented as “access data on all websites”), to check pages whose URLs have markdown file extensions (.md, .markdown, etc.) for renderable markdown.

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