New Reddit Enhancements & Chemo
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  • Wide mode. Card layouts and post comment views can expand up to a custom set max-width.
  • UI cleanup. Hide the "Advertise" and "Shop Avatars" buttons on the top bar. Hide the trending strip and sidebar on the r/all and r/popular feed.
  • Fix image previews. Clicking on image previews take you directly to the image itself, instead of to the comment section. Image preview heights in gallery mode are fixed such that images no longer get vertically cut off.
  • Add video download links. When viewing a video, download links are provided, using both a direct link and a redirect through Note: does not work in videos expanded from post in feed; view the video as a thread.
  • Reddit Chemo. Filter feed posts by subreddit as well as removal of some advertisements.
  • User Tags. Add tags to usernames.
USAGE: On installation, most features are enabled by default. However, features like Reddit Chemo and user tags need to be populated to see their full effects. Features can be enabled, disabled, and modified through the extension's UI (accessed by clicking the extension logo on the browser Toolbar). Most features, such as dark mode, wide mode, UI cleanup, fix image previews, and add video download links can simply be toggled in the UI using the various controls. The wide mode has an additional option, where the max-width can be set. Must be a valid CSS value, or the default of 1600px will apply. Add video download links only adds link when viewing a thread for a video. It does not work in expanded videos from posts in the feed. In some cases, the video links may not appear correctly. You may try disabling and re-enabling this feature to force it. Otherwise, check your ad-block settings, as some ad-blockers (AdBlockPlus in particular) seems to be aggressive in removing the download links. To add subreddits to Reddit Chemo's ban list, simply click the "ban" button next to posts in the r/all or r/popular feed from subreddits you do not wish to see. By default, a small strip will be shown in place of the blocked post with an option to remove the subreddit from the ban. To hide this strip, toggle "Show/hide blocked posts" in the extension's UI. To remove subreddits from the ban, you can use the strip from blocked posts (if "Show blocked posts" is toggled) to unban the subreddit. Alternatively, you can click "Edit banned list" in the extension's UI to view the full ban list and remove subreddits from it. The effects of removing subreddits from the ban list may not take effect until a page change or refresh. User Tags. Next to every username (including your own) you will see an empty 'tag' icon (or an active tag, if one was set). To set or edit this value, simply click once and type to edit the text. When in edit mode inside of a tag, click the tag again to cycle different tag colors. Click outside the tag or press 'enter' to save changes or press 'esc' to cancel changes. If the new tag value is set as empty or whitespace, the tag will be removed. All existing user tags may also be viewed and edited from the extension's UI. Click "Edit user tags" to get a list of all existing user tags and edit individual tags as necessary. PRIVACY POLICY:

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