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Effortless legal access to full text scholarly articles FIND OPEN ACCESS When you view a research article, Open Access Helper detects the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of the document and then will query the APIs of and to find a link for a legal open access copy. Simply click the Open Access Helper badge to access the document! Orange: open access is available at another location Blue: Request through Open Access Button or our Library As you hover your mouse over the Open Access Helper badge, the extension will tell you whether you are going to see the “Published Version”, “Accepted Version” or “Submitted Version”. The two APIs employed are the gold standard for this type of information. EZPROXY Many university libraries employ a remote access solution known as EZProxy. This solution functions by rerouting your connection through the institution’s server and thus making it look to the publisher as if you were on campus. All you have to do is access the settings, type the domain of your institution (e.g. for Harvard University) and save. When enabled, you can click on the toolbar icon (make sure it is visible) and the popup will show a button to proxy the current page. While I cannot guarantee that your library subscribes to the paper, it couldn’t be more convenient to at least try! In the future, I hope to make this feature more awesome. IS IT LEGAL? It’s perfectly legal, as these links are either to an official open access publication, or the author-archived manuscripts found at university and government web servers. PRIVACY This extension does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information. It does however collected some basic, anonymous usage signals to help guide my development effort. Please see the privacy policy for details. I have a full time job with a fun company, and if you are interested, just look at the code within the extension - it’s not minimised and has plenty of comments (and quite likely a bunch of bugs - do let me know about those, please!).

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