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Displays the active url (or any selected link or text) as a qrcode for easy sharing between devices with a qrcode scanner like mobile/smart phones and tablets. Also allows saving and copying to the clipboard pasting in other programms. Note: QRCode for Bookmark Items To allow the addon to create QRCodes from Bookmark Elements (in the sidebar, the bookmark bar or elsewhere, enable the optional Permission in the addon settings. Afterwards, when right clicking on an item, the addional context entry will be available. Short Demo Video: Usages:
  • Left click the toolbar button/icon and in the popup just type into the Edit textbox
  • Right click on any selected text, link or image and then click on the "Show QRCode" content menu item
  1. Can/Should i trust this addon? You can view the source code by either visiting the Homepage/Support Site or just saving/downloading the XPI (which is really just a ZIP Archive) and then extract it locally. The Sources in the XPI should be unofuscated and unminified (HTML,CSS and JS), so it's as easy to read as possible. Alternatives you can also use the CRX Viewer Extension by Rob W to inspect the XPI sources. If you have an questions, you can also open an issue on the support site and i'll try and answer to the best of my abilities. If you are no programmer and are still feeling unsure, you might want to visit one of the official or unoffical mozilla communities and ask if someone there with more knowlege can take a look. Examples: , or
  2. Permissions: This add-on tries to use the minimal number of required permissions to successfully fullfill its intended purpose. If you think this could be improved please let me know by opening an issue and i will try to look into it. More Details on the individual permission can be found here:
  3. Cost/Payment: This Add-on is and forever will be subscription and payment free to use for everyone however they like. If you are feeling generous you can send me a tip via my bitcoin address 35WK2GqZHPutywCdbHKa9BQ52GND3Pd6h4
  4. Stars/Reviews: If you found this add-on useful leave some stars or a review so others have an easier time finding it.
  5. Bugs, Suggestions or Requests: If you have any issues (for example a site it does not work but you think it should) or have improvement suggestions or a feature request please open an issue at the Support Site

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要求浏览器内核版本 ≥ 100.0


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2024年2月11日 2周前