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Translate any webpage in one click with SYSTRAN Translator! The extension helps you translate all your web browsing content into the language of your choice with the best quality and precision. Choose a method depending on your need and benefit from our fast machine translations:
    Translate a text selection
    • Select any text on your page then click on the SYSTRAN Translator icon to instantly see the translation
    • You can also right-click on your selection and choose “Translate selection with Systran” in order to get your translation in a new tab.
    Translate a full page
    • Select a target language and click on “Translate This Page”, then the translation will progressively display the translated page while keeping the formatting. You can then switch easily between the original text and translation.
    • You can also activate the Auto-translation in order to keep translating while navigating on the web!
    • You can also activate the Auto-translation to keep translating while navigating the web with a preference mode (auto-translation to be enabled tab by tab or for all new tabs).
    Translate some text input
    • You want a translation for a sentence you have in mind while surfing the web without leaving your browser? Then directly enter some text in the translate box of the extension and visualize the translation instantly.
You can change the source and target language anytime to tailor the translation to your needs. To use Systran Translator, you need a SYSTRAN Translate or SPNS account. Learn more about SYSTRAN Products and check our latest blog post at SYSTRAN Translate users have access to 50 languages. This extension adds a dedicated icon to your browser toolbar, you can pin it to keep it at your fingertips and quickly use it whenever you need it. NB. Some limitations apply:
  • Images and iframe are currently not supported for translation
  • Page translation is not possible with strict CSP due to a known issue on Firefox side

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要求浏览器内核版本 ≥ 109.0a1


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2023年11月28日 1周前