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New features in 2.4: - drag and drop folders and searches - multi live search - watch multiple listings in a single page Features: - Multiple bug fixes and small improvements - Improved foreign site support. The extension now works equally on non-English sites. - Added the option to assign a league to a specific search, so it always opens on that league. - Allow for saving and opening of exchange searches - New menu accessible from within the official trade site where you can create search bookmarks, group them in folders and manage your extension settings - Search bookmark folders can have subfolders and also - nested subfolders! - Price overview inside the new menu. Quickly see exchange rates without leaving the trade site - Options can now be accessed via the new menu, where all of the following features can be turned on and off: - Show converted prices for listed items with current chaos/exalt ratio - Show both account name and most recent character name on search results - Automatic fuzzy search - makes adding filters and searching items easier - Automatically rename browser tabs to current item search, to easily distinguish between searches - Warning for items which cannot be fully linked based on item level - Links on item results to view them on the poe wiki, poedb or craft of exile - Customizable hotkeys for common page interactions, such as adding a new stat filter or clearing a search - Users flagged on TFT for various reasons (blacklisted scammers, price-fixers etc.) are displayed with a warning - Options menu where you can change how blacklisted people are marked - Warning popup when whispering a blacklisted person - Option to automatically fold blacklisted peoples' items listings - Hover over names to see the reason for blacklist. - Report button on item results that can be used to report users to TFT. - After clicking the ex ration in prices section you can see conversion rates - Ttem watchers - Multiple languages available Please be aware that this extension depends on the official trade site. Even a minor change to the site may cause the extension to not work as intended. If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact us!

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