Valosan GMail Extension
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This extension requires Valosan app to work. Signup here for Valosan app. Features
  • See information about campaigns in Valosan
  • See information about contacts in the campaigns
  • Send e-mails using pitch and press-release templates (mail merge)
  • Update contact status in Campaign
  • Record outgoing and incoming e-mails in Valosan
  • Record open analytics in Valosan
All communication are performed only if you have active subscription to Valosan app and agree to privacy agreement and terms of service for Valosan app and extension. Permissions asked
  • Access your data for sites in the domain - used only for blocking image links generated by extension itself
  • Access your data for - adds extension pane on the left in GMail and allows you access data from Valosan app.
Updates and changes 2024-04-25: Fix Gmail popup obscured by extension, open analytics false positives 2024-03-05: Dependency update, trusted types RFC compliancy and HTML sanitization 2023-11-23: Updated privacy consent screen to distinguish technical and personal data collection and provide better explanation how it used 2023-11-23: Uninstall button directly goes to uninstall the extension, instead of opening the extension page on the addon store. 2023-11-16: Fixes to properly show Valosan sidebar 2023-04-05: Provide contact when fetching content for click analytics 2022-12-13: Sort by contact properties 2022-09-28: Receive replies on sendout messages 2022-09-13: Update to support changes to the GMail API on how incoming mail is processed 2022-05-10: Show all statuses with descriptive names, mark incoming mail properly 2022-03-29: Fix show past conversations 2022-03-18: Do not change subject on reply, scroll to contact, fix loading tweets, update content if changed 2022-03-15: Fix sidebar position, return SKIPPED status for contacts 2022-02-28: Initial support for new Gmail integrated view 2022-02-16: Receiving incoming email does not slows down the browser. Only received emails sent using Valosan. 2022-02-13: Improve receiving incoming email, keep compose window enabled then going back and forth in the thread 2022-01-24: Fix unexpected autoselect of the first of possible contacts in autocomplete box during compose 2022-01-14: Fix flow for the first time popup 2021-12-21: Fix for updated Gmail layout, support Suomi (FI) language in Gmail 2021-12-14: Fix setting status for contact, manually or when sending a pitch 2021-12-08: Better compatibility with PeopleKit, larger contact cards, load extension faster 2021-11-10: Login flow to get the token, fix e-mail copy-paste in compose (PeopleKit), show call to action for contacts in campaign 2021-10-27: Update to match how To, Cc and Bcc are handled, based on latest Google workspace update. 2021-10-12: Search for conversation thread from contact profile in Gmail 2021-10-12: Content template custom title, disable compose related buttons if no compose window available, show spinner when loading content, fix status colors for contacts in campaign 2021-09-28: Google search link in profile, use media name merge tag, keep currently selected contact when pressing compose 2021-09-22: Disable adding the BCC if a recipient is found in the current campaign. Just display contact in the extension pane. 2021-09-22: Bug fixes: Fix Gmail popups going underneath the extension pane. "Open app" menu item goes to contact if contact is displayed in extension. Back button properly goes back to view thread. 2021-09-15: Better error message if missing GDrive permissions. Show update contact status error, better back button, disable adding CC on forward in thread 2021-08-18: Privacy consent dialog on first use, UI overhaul, performance fixes in View thread. Deprecated contact picture in favor of status icon. 2021-06-22: Avoid infinite loop of checking converstation thread 2021-06-18: Disable Valosan for personal account, view thread, update status 2021-06-15: Fix updating contact status after sending mail 2021-06-02: Compose full screen support, more accurate open mail analytics, do not add BCC to regular mails 2021-05-20: Dashboard and better reply in thread 2021-05-05: Insert content at cursor point. First-time popup dialog. 2021-04-23: Support pitch in Google Docs format 2021-04-20: Support dynamic content with multiple languages, proper brand color 2021-04-16: Fix selecting last campaign, insert press-release content from Google Docs when you press "Press-release (link)" 2021-04-01: New url for upcoming name change 2021-03-31: Fix contact status control not responsive when replying in thread 2021-03-26: Icon and logo update 2021-03-25: Update status when writing a message, added badge to hide and open Valosan, fix margin calculation when extension opened, better compatibility with other extensions and settings pane UI 2021-03-10: No fixes, sourcemap update 2021-03-09: Refactoring, reply-to sets properly campaign of original message, not the first found email of the person. 2021-03-04: Fix error: bring back Pitch, PR, boilerplate buttons 2021-03-04: Hide archived campaigns, buttons to copy PR, boilerplate, mediakit 2021-03-01: Write pitch directly to the body of message, fix date format 2021-02-28: Fix post loading issues, fix padding error for content pane 2021-02-23: Embargo date format 2021-02-19: Automatically add BCC on reply 2021-02-12: Fix contact selection bug, redesign header, search for contacts 2021-02-09: Handle incoming email 2021-01-26: Fixes styling problem, use BCC instead of CC for tracking

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