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Used by 1000's of people across the globe, Groovy Notes is a perefect app for maintaining notes, journal, recording meeting, voice notes and managing notes at ease - may it be at work, home or at college. You can use Groovy Notes to create lists, audio recordings, plans, messages, agendas, journals and other details on the go. It is your ticket to getting your life, be it personal, work or social, better organized! Groovy Notes acts as a secure password protected digital diary, journal, binder, smart notebook, a audio/voice notes recorder and also doubles as a organizer. With powerful password protection you have secure notes that you can backup and restore to and from the cloud via Dropbox. Groovy Notes leverages the ease of use of a diary journal by employing the capabilities of your device such as the ability to record audio/voice notes and touch gestures to navigate between views. May it be meeting notes, minutes of meeting or college notes - this is the best digital diary and binder that you can get! It is realistic! Groovy Notes has a familiar, real world diary and journal like interface. The pages look natural enough to make you want to turn them over. Be it notes, memos, anniversaries, lists, to-dos or even your personal journal - everything can be easily managed with Groovy Notes. All the notes are well organized by categories, tags and date. What’s more, the categories can be customized with attractive colors and icons to make them funkier, fun and easier to manage and notice! Searching has never been so easy! Searching for that crucial note, in the nick of time, is as easy as tapping a button on Groovy Notes. Use the calendar to find the notes by dates, pick a category, tag or just type in a keyword and search! Even the search results are color coded, based on category. Because voice has a ring to it! Don’t feel like tapping on your keypad? Just record your thoughts in your own voice (or an entire conversation or meeting as a audio/voice note). With a single tap you can record your voice memos and convert your regular notes into voice notes. What’s more, you can continue taking notes from the same meeting that you are recording! Both functions working simultaneously, now that is an added advantage. Organise the voice notes just as you would other notes with tags, category, date and text but yet feel, or should we say hear the difference. Never lose your data! Groovy Notes comes with features to backup and restore your notes with Dropbox. You can backup your data to your Dropbox account and restore it back in case of a device failure or wipeout. With regular use of backup your data is always safe and accessible from anywhere! Enhance your world! With Groovy Notes maintaining a journal has taken on a new meaning. A diary that is portable (without the additional bulk), intelligent, organised, versatile and talks to you! With a sleek and stylish design Groovy Notes is a fashion statement. Easy to manage, fun to use and a huge time-saver, Groovy Notes can be your friend. So what are you waiting for? Get, set and groove! Pssst... You also save paper! Go Green! Go Groovy Notes!!


+Manage your notes by Category, Dates and Tags. +Password protection to keep your data secure. +Record/Playback voice memos/recordings while taking notes. +Add and view attachments. +Customise categories with colours and icons. +Change fonts for the note to suit your needs. +Powerful search to find notes by Category, Date, Tags or Text. +Dedicated Calendar view to view notes by date. +Backup & Restore your data using Dropbox. +Attractive and intuitive diary-like experience, a pleasure to use.


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操作系统Windows 8.1 或更高版本

体系结构x86, x64, Arm





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