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Datascape Mobile Capture allows you to transform paper-based forms into a fully electronic online process. Your customers can make bookings, your staff can manage the overall schedule or use a job queue approach, and your field workers or contractors can record what happened while on the go. The mobile app can be used online or offline on any modern phone or tablet device. The data captured includes custom forms, photos, audio, GPS, signatures and drawings. You can print tickets in the field too (while disconnected), using a Bluetooth printer. All data captured is then uploaded to the Datascape cloud solution, where custom workflow, emails, PDFs and integration can be configured. The app is suitable for inspection and job queue based scenarios, as well as allowing ad-hoc data capture. Please Note: this app can only be used if you are an existing Datascape Mobile Capture customer. For the app to work you will need a verification code, supplied by your companies Datascape Mobile Capture administrator. If you are not an existing customer but would like to trial the app, please email and we will provide you with a code you can use.


Data capture can occur disconnected Customisable forms Dynamic show / hide rules within the form Camera integration for photo capture Audio recording GPS location capture Signature capture Map View shows where each job is to take place Bluetooth printer support Freehand annotation of photos Freehand sketches Viewing of attached files Bookings, queues or ad-hoc data capture PDF and DocX templates Email templates Custom actions to send emails or pass data to web services


4.8 Minor bug fixes 4.7 New: Photo capture questions can be pre-populated with attached photos Official method to make image data from photos available to expressions Fixes: Validation could sometimes cause original form data to be used in calculated fields Nested groups not correctly hiding when parent is hidden Numeric slider with even steps but odd numbered values always fails validation Updates to map frameworks 4.6 Fix for crash and better handling of errors when users cancels taking/choosing a photo Fix to prevent original data from overwriting entered form data for sections[] Improvements in the new attachment download process Tidy up the tabs and count displays for home page and when in an inspection Fix for collapsed repeaters needing re-validation if form re-opened 4.5 Fix unable to choose photos from library due to error 4.4 Fix for attachments not viewable due to error 4.3 Improved process for downloading large attachments including virus scanning Map questions can now display additional layers Expressions can access: - original data sent to device - the captions for option questions Prevent server side changes overwriting completed inspections when uploading Fixes for min and max property for date questions Other bug fixes


适用平台电脑, 移动电话, Surface Hub, HoloLens

操作系统Windows 10 版本 10240.0 或更高版本

体系结构x86, x64, Arm

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