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"ABook Biz viewer application" is a viewer for viewing the information content distributed from the content management platform. "ABook Biz" is the platform that manages and delivers various information of the company (product catalogs, manuals, training textbooks, and rich interactive contents with video and audio). Using ABook Biz, anyone can easily produce “moving” the catalog from the existing PDF format. Just a simple drag and drop, you can embed video and images, voice, and website link.., ABook Biz will be able to enhance the appeal and communicated effectively not only in the internal information but also in the external business scene. It is effective products and services that only web or paper catalog is difficult to tell. In addition, the contents are saved in the viewer, so you can view them whenever you want, wherever you want regardless of the situation. ABook Biz is a Business services. Information about the login information will be provided by the person in charge of the company. Major characteristic 1. Contents rich in expression In addition to documents, you can increase the business efficiency using contents rich in expression with video, images, audio, and links to websites. 2. Smooth, responsive operability The contents are saved within the viewer and you can use a variety of action, such as turning the page and playing videos, smoothly without feeling any stress, and you will no longer have to wait for the video to load. You will be freed from the stress of waiting. 3. View contents whenever you want, wherever you want. The contents are saved in the viewer, so you can view them whenever you want, wherever you want regardless of the situation. 4. Varied content operability You can use a variety of functions for utilizing the contents, such as creating bookmarks for your favorite pages, leaving handwritten notes on pages, and conducting keyword searches. 5. Meeting room function Meeting participant can share documents and see it, such as turning the pages of the documents. I will support effective presentations and paperless meeting. 6. Various effect measurement It is possible to measure the effect, like as visible browse ranking of content, page views, viewing location, a variety of usage. If feedback to content producers based on the usage data of the measurement, it can increase a more cost-effective.


Contents rich in expression Smooth, responsive operability View contents whenever you want, wherever you want. Varied content operability Meeting room function Various effect measurement


Ver. 1.4.2 Features UWP App Ver. Features Backup and restore to server Add meeting room feature (marking interlock, pinch zoom interlock) Add Content kind (link content) Add Content filter (favorite, updated) Add Content autodownload (optional) Add Dashboard feature(defined at server operator) Add Content sharing with Getits Viewer screenshot is forbidden because of security reason Bugfix Fix offline problems Fix folder that showed online contents improperly Fix other small problems



操作系统Windows 10 版本 10240.0 或更高版本

体系结构x86, x64, Arm

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