21st century Truck Driver
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The 21st century Truck driver Simulation is the Dynamic Application of choice for Truck drivers. [Note: 21st century Truck driver is based on .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime Environment]. Drive. The 21st century Truck driver is the true King of the Road. One day, he came back to his home base, tired and dull from hourless driving on 20th century world’s highways. Once arrived, just parking the Truck, his boss came by and said: “Hey, you, Truck driver! – we got those automated Trucks now. Thanks and go home.” But the 21st century Truck driver didn’t want to stay home like that. What could he do with his new life? – all he gotta do, all he wanted to do, all he could even do was Truck driving. He was so proud of it. The king of the Road was also the king of all neighbourhood’s children. A few days later, he went back to his Factory, right into the front door. “Let me drive on”, the Truck driver said. And so, he bought his very old Truck from his very old boss for just a few thousands. A friendship price, for years and years of trustfully transporting goods, if not people or even children, on the old, solid 20th century highways on this planet. 21st century Truck Driver. Our 21st century King of the Road simulation. Simulate how far you can go with a single Truck, and a lot of money in your pocket. Investigate ways to survive on the road, e.g. by transferring your home into a rolling museum, or a School Bus for children. Input Values: Profit, Sell your House Cost, Truck Cost, Materials and Parts Work Time Work Time, Helpers Payment per Hour, Helpers Truck, Tank Volume Truck, Diesel Consumption Truck, avg. Speed Driving Hours, per day Diesel, Price Target Values: Profit, House Sales Net Profit (Sales vs. Truck acquisition) Diesel Volume from Profit Total Cost, Helpers Total Cost, Truck and Renovation Total Work Time, Truck Renovation Total Truck fill-ups Total Hours to drive on Total Days to drive on Total Distance to drive on All calculations subject to change. All Formula explained via automated ToolTips, including the correct 'live' calculation in numbers. From 2021, the 21st century Truck Driver comes with a new logo, and an additional Car2Car detector Simulation that will introduce you to the field of automatic Sensors and IoT development. As usual, our simulations are rather basic, so we provide what's true in the general case, and you can add what's to be true in your specific business case. All in all, 21st century Truck driver defines an outstanding Business Model for the 21st century King of the Road. It comes with the Bakery Tutorial, a multi-material Tool Builder simulation, a PV System simulation for calculating the perfect number of PV Panels for your own Truck, and a full-featured inline Formula Editor. So you can load, save, create, modify and publish any simulation you want. According the the dna license, you are allowed to publish any simulation that you have created, and create additional sales from that (keep the profit). Besides from an interesting story, it may as well serve for interesting as well as useful cost-profit calculations around the Topic of Cars, Trucks, Trailers and Buses, with a focus on evaluating your own hand's craftsmanship. 21st century Truck driver is based on Dynamic Applications, the well-known platform for interactive, easy-to-use financial forecast simulations. Dynamic Applications. Transparency. Privacy Protection. chance. and Participation. our values.


Freely configurable Input and Target Values Target Formula editors activated by default Includes the Bakery Tutorial, our introductory product simulation Includes the Multi-Material calculation model Includes the 21st century Truck driver simulation in a Car 2 Car detection Scenario. Includes a Photovoltaic System with Battery Simulation. Load and Save - Create your very own Dynamic Application. No data gathering - no Server behind you. It's your business. We respect that. Date and Time Ruler as well as Time Unit configurable from seconds via hours, days to 250 years. 21st century Truck Driver is the Winner of the 2017 dynamic idea competition.





操作系统Windows 10 版本 14257.0 或更高版本




内存1 GB


处理器Intel or AMD (x64) CPU

图形处理器1280x768 (+) display

注意Windows 10 Home or Professional with Intel or AMD (x64) CPU Processor;.NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime Environment (x64) ;1280x800 display

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