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Arrowat Workforce helps you manage a payroll on your company or small business. It has been developed to help all needs on your business and can be used by individual people, Organization, Stores, Freelancers. Arrowat Workforce doesn't require subscription or Internet Connection to work, once you get it you will be able to use on all devices you want. Arrowat Workforce uses SQLITE local Database Engine to store data. Arrowat Workforce is a timecard app and offer complete working hours by day and generate report by date range selected, allowing you to calculate how much the employee has earned by the end of the day,week or date range. You can add as many employee as you need. What you can do with Arrowat Workforce? ** Register Employees. ** Register Company and Company Profile. ** Register Company Work Positions. ** Each employee registered can use the clock (puncher) to Work In, Lunch Start, Lunch End, Work Out. ** You can configure the clock (puncher), you can determinate the regular hours in a period of day or days you paid and after those regular hours all will be count as Overtime hours, also you can set how much the overtime rate will be: example regular hours are 40 and the employee works 45, you will paid 40 regular hours as the position rate of the employee is registered and 5 overtime hours. ** You can create schedule selecting date period, when you create schedules you will see how much you will paid by the end of the period. **Clock Report (shows all data generated from the clock(puncher) **User Accounts: You can create user account as many as you want to login into Arrowat Workforce, and can restrict access account or add limited access to each user account ** Backup Database: You are able to backup the database out of the app and pictures taken from the app in case you need it in other device, you can export the database and you can Import into Arrowat Workforce anytime you prefer. Because Arrowat Workforce can imports the database from the backup you created, it is useful if you have more than one device in different location on your business and all you need to do is import the database. If you have any question you can contact us at Help is available online : ARROWAT™ Arrowat Workforce.


Register Employees Register work positions Register Company and company profiles Clock (puncher) Clock Setting Create work schedules Clock Report, Payment Report Export Clock Report Backup Database App Security Login Resposinve Design for mobile and Desktop devices Data Management Payment Hours Create user accounts Hour Calculator Employee id Card Creator Print employee id cards Full screen mode Network Connection App Globalization, The app can be used on any country Region, Date, Time is shown as the region is added to company, Money uses currency of the country region specified for the company registered


*-Version 7 In this version we have added Globalization a list of supported regions by the Operating System, the date and time is shown and calculated as the how is on the resion selected, The hours calculation is calculated based on the region format and process, we also use a currency of the region selected for the company you added when money calculation like clock report, schedules. You can add many companies in diferent regions without changing or configuring the operatings system. We have also checked the whole code and fixed bugs. *-Version 4 Network Connection added, You can connect the app to a network to use the device as a client or as server, This Feature is used on the clock(puncher) when employee punch Work in or lunch... this information goes to the Arrowat Workforce server (if configured), now you can have a device configured as a client on any location, the information is transferred via IP address on your network , the server get the information and performs the action saving the information into the database. NOTE: Server Refers to a computer on your network that acts as a server where Arrowat Workforce is installed. and client as the computer on other locations. you can read more at *-Version 3 A new Table Clock Report has been added to this release, also you can now export the report generated to your device. we have been created a new clock interface that adapt to any device.


适用平台电脑, 移动电话, Surface Hub

操作系统Windows 10 版本 17763.0 或更高版本

体系结构x86, x64, Arm

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