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MAD – Microsoft Abbreviation Dictionary fast search for abbreviations and acronyms used by Microsoft and its community of technology partners. Original concept and content created by Julie Simpson, Founder and Managing Director of ResourceiT Consulting Ltd (the Microsoft business development and marketing experts) in 2004, MAD has been consistently evolving since its original launch. The dictionary started as Julie attended multiple meetings with Microsoft staff, and consistently asked people to explain the terms being used. Scribbling terms identified in the back of a notepad, after a very short time, Julie had recorded content that consumed 28 pages of A4 paper! Following attendance at the Microsoft Worldwide Conference in 2004, where she spent a considerable amount of time explaining to other attendees what a multitude of abbreviations and acronyms meant, Julie decided to bring the dictionary to print and MAD was born. Now in its 8th edition, MAD will help you to diagnose the Microsoft terminology often used in meetings, conversations and presentations with Microsoft. Including a vast array of products, solutions, business group areas, teams, job titles, and commonly used terms MAD Is a super-fast search tool that will surface the explanation of most acronyms and abbreviations. Additional contributions have been collected over the years with new terms received from individuals from Microsoft and throughout the partner community. Also available as a handy A6 printed dictionary, MAD is the most up to date tool of its kind available in the Microsoft ecosystem. New search terms identified and not found in the dictionary can be submitted to with a request to credit the identifier as a contributor (voluntary) and will be included in new editions. Incidentally, contrary to popular belief MAD is entitled Microsoft Abbreviation Dictionary, not Microsoft Acronym Dictionary, as an acronym is only an acronym if it spells another word, otherwise it is an abbreviation. As some search terms for example SMB (Small and Medium Business) are not acronyms, as they do not spell another word, the dictionary’s nomenclature is therefore MAD – Microsoft Abbreviation Dictionary.


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