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OfficePrinter, the highly rated business card and label software, is now available in the Microsoft Store. OfficePrinter is the easy and fast way to design and print your own professional-looking business cards, envelopes, address and shipping labels, letterhead, and much more, using your own printer. It is loaded with easy-to-use features, tons of pre-designed business card and label templates, and an extensive clip art library to ensure that the creation of your business card or label design is an easy and fun process. If you are in a hurry, you may simply choose one of these designs, enter your personal or company information, and you are done! Your own business cards or labels in just minutes! If you want a more customized business card or label design, OfficePrinter's intuitive yet powerful editing features allow you to do just that. OfficePrinter is perfect for businesses or individuals. Even though there is other business card software and label software out there, they can be quite different in capability, ease of use, and price. Some make their users buy separate programs for making business cards, address labels, CD labels, shipping labels etc., while OfficePrinter has all these capabilities in one. Others have relatively primitive text handling, while OfficePrinter allows you to adjust the size, font, color, width, spacing, sub/superscript, and rotation of text right down to the individual character, just like a high end desktop publishing program. When you're ready to print out your creation, OfficePrinter automatically tiles the design to cover the entire sheet of labels or business cards. Or you can print just one or two. OfficePrinter includes a database of dozens of the most popular business card and label sheet layouts from the major manufacturers. Or, you can define your own.


Support for virtually all available label and business card sizes and paper stock from all major manufacturers Easy-to-use pre-designed templates Full layout control for advanced users Easy-to-follow help and tutorials Support for US and A4 paper sizes, US and metric units Import your own clip art or choose from the included clip art library Sophisticated yet easy-to-use text editor Rotate and skew text and pictures to any angle Special text effects (shadows, gradients, spiral, zoom, shapes, etc.) Drawing tool (draw lines, circles, rectangles, ellipses, etc.) Alignment tools (align, center, space evenly pictures, text, shapes, etc.) Print just one or two labels, or multiple sheets Powerful mailing list feature allows automatic customization of labels


* 3.00.0004 - Bug fixes - Fixed issue loading some GIF files - Minor tweaks to UI strings * 3.00.0003 - Feature additions and bug fixes - Added feature to reset toolbars - Updated link URLs * 3.00.0002 - Bug fixes - Fixed blocking issue with Export functionality - Fixed coexistence issue with previous versions caused by regkey collision (may require reentering some settings) * 3.00.0001 - Initial release for Microsoft Store * 3.00.0000 - Beta release for Microsoft Store



操作系统Windows 10 版本 17763.0 或更高版本




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