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Preamble The Emirate Smart Street Project, is citizens' project. It is by the emiratis, of the emiratis and for the emiratis. Emiratis are the citizens, residents of united arab emirates. It envisages coming together of citizens engaged in different walks of life, be they are students, businessman, bureaucrats and service personnel, academia, healthcare professionals and above all the ruling class. ESS project is a chart of measures envisaging sustainable development of the emirates. These measures are what any emirati wants for his or her future. So it is therefore singular responsibility of emirati to build its future by performing all such actions that would build UAE into the prosperous, strong and forward looking country. Here are hundreds of actions built into these measures for performance by emiratis as individuals and businesses. There is a massive scope of opportunity for employment and entrepreneurship besides providing leadership for transforming emirates. Be the change, drive the change Emiratis do say YES to the ESS project. Become the change and bring the change. Together can transform union of seven emirates into sustainable, prosperous organizations. As individuals collective and businesses can accomplish the desired change. It may be insignificant, but when it is consistently followed, could bring an impact that is conspicuous. The outcome envisaged is as good as those goals of UN SDG, Paris Agreement and UAE next50 program. Dubai Expo 2020 Takeaway As part of the ESS project, the emiratis will have an opportunity to make assessement as what are the takeaways that the whole lot of participating countries are designed to contribute towards sustainability and mobility particularly and other opportunities as well. Go, get your action together The tools of information and communication technologies built on artificial intelligence framework is being deployed for bringing together en-masse the emiratis and lead them towards definitive actions for altering the obtaining baseline conditions causing the desired impact. An application (app) 'the emirati app' launched concurrently with Dubai Expo 2020 is deployed to mobilize the emiratis residing, working or doing business in each of 7000 streets that comprises the seven emirates of united arab. They would be engaged purposefully to bring the change through actions that would alter the baseline conditions status quo and opportunities to develop built infrastructure that could end basic socio-economic problems and engage the governance system actively participating by supporting the action and redressing grievances thereof. Thus this application has the inherent capability to lead the processes in delivering actions, implementing infrastructure building opportunities and facilitating the happening of desired outcome. For more info on ESS project, visit emiratii.ae and download app at microsoft | google play store


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