Celestial Navigation Data Calculator
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Calculate and display, in textual form, Greenwich hour angle, declination, height computed and azimuth of the 57 navigational stars as listed in the Nautical Almanac, the four navigational planets, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the Sun and the Moon. Additional full data is shown for Polaris and the GHA of Aries. Additionally, calculated and displayed are corrections, that is refraction, apparent semidiameter, parallax, and the sum of these for aiding in correcting sights of the bodies taken by a sextant. Data is calculated for arbitrary assumed position on earth that can be entered as latitude and longitude in units of degrees, arcminutes and tenth of arcminute. All positional data is displayed as degrees, arcminutes, and tenth of arcminutes. Data is shown, except for Aries, if the respective body is above the horizon, regardless of the usability for observation. Data is calculated for current system time what is converted and displayed as universal time. Arrangement of data is to match closely that found on (external link) http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/celnavtable.php and the notes given there mostly apply to this app. The source of the data is the Bright Star Catalog of 2017 and Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s DE241 development ephemeris. For calculation, the software package NOVAS C3.1 from U.S. Naval Observatory is used. This app does not do anything more. No internet connection, no up- or downloads, no usage of your position data, no advertising or anything the like. Just calculate and display. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE FOR ANY OF THE DISPLAYED INFORMATION, NOR FOR THE WORKING OF THE SOFTWARE AT ALL. DONT USE THIS SOFTWARE AS A SOURCE FOR NAVIGATION. UPDATES - This app does not talk to the store or to Microsoft. Thus, you should proactively check at the store for getting updates. This is just the first edition of a whole series, there is more to come. FEEDBACK - Any feedback, ratings, comments, or feature requests are very welcome. Please submit such to the store. We would like to make this app better for you. The more feedback you give, the more we are encuraged to spend our time on this app. RELEASE NOTES - This release, as of 2017-05-21, fixes a minor bug that caused rare crashes and updates the description. FURTHER RELEASES PLANNED - The next major release planned before autumn 2017 will include all ~ 170 stars listed in the almanac in addition to the stars known as the "57 navigational stars". And, yes, there will be a star chart, but that'll last a little longer. Copyright deepcomputing.de


This release, as of 2017-05-21, fixes a minor bug that caused rare crashes and updates the description.


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