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Developer Utilities and tools for QR Code Generator, JSON, CSV, TSV, XML , YAML and Base64. This app allows to fetch data directly from URL or local disk for processing. Output can be shared, saved to local or copied to clipboard. Supports following features, General -> Set Custom indentation -> Set Custom delimiter -> Load Data from URL -> Load Data from Local file -> Save the output to Local disk -> Share the output via Windows 10 share -> Copy to Clipboard -> XML Syntax Highlight JSON -> JSON Formatter/Beautifier -> JSON Validator -> JSON Minifier -> JSON Serializer -> JSON Unescape -> JS Object to JSON Converter -> JSON to XML Converter -> JSON to TSV Converter -> JSON to YAML Converter XML -> XML Formatter/Beautifier -> XML Validator -> XML Minifier -> XML to JSON Converter -> XML to YAML Converter CSV -> CSV to JSON Converter -> CSV to XML Converter -> CSV to TSV Converter TSV -> TSV to JSON Converter -> TSV to XML Converter -> TSV to CSV Converter YAML -> YAML to JSON Converter -> YAML to XML Converter Encoding -> Base64 Encoding -> URL Encoding -> HTML Encoding -> HTML Attribute Encoding Decoding -> URL Decoding -> HTML Decoding -> Base64 Decoding Hash Algorithms -> MD5 -> SHA1, SHA2, SHA3 and SHA512 QR Code Generator -> Set Size and PPM of QR Code -> Share QR Code -> Save QR Code


-> QR Code Generator -> JSON Minifier, JSON Formatter and JSON Validator -> JSON to XML and YAML Converter -> XML Minifier, XML Formatter and XML Validator -> XML to JSON and YAML Converter -> YAML Validator -> YAML to JSON and XML Converter -> CSV to JSON, TSV and XML Converter -> TSV to JSON, CSV and XML Converter -> Base 64 Encoder and Decoder -> Share, Save or Copy Output -> Load Content from URL for processing -> Browse Content from your local disk for processing -> JSON Serializer -> JSON Unescape -> JS Object to JSON Converter -> HTML Encoder, HTML Attribute Encoder and URL Encoder -> URL Decoder, JS String Encoder and HTML Decoder


New in v1.3 -> More acrylic controls -> UI Improvements New in v1.2 -> Added support for Hash compute algorithms MD5, SHA1, SHA2, SHA3 and SHA512 -> Added support for URL Encoding and Decoding -> Added support for HTML Encoding and Decoding -> Added support for HTML Attribute Encoding -> Added support for JS String Encoding -> Bug Fixes New in v1.1 -> UI Enhancement and bug fixes


适用平台电脑, Surface Hub, HoloLens

操作系统Windows 10 版本 17134.0 或更高版本

体系结构x86, x64, Arm, Arm64

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