Field Database Free (FDB-free)
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FDB is a general purpose relational database application for mobile devices. The design goal of the application is to make a database convenient for collecting data in the field. The main distinguishing feature is ability to attach sound recording or photo to any data field regardless of its type. This allows to reduce data collection activity to a few short actions. The actual data entry can be performed later, when the user can spend more time entering data into data fields in a searchable form based on media captured in the field. The data can be entered into individual records, or simultaneously into some of the fields of all selected records. The application displays database records in customizable table and form views that share persistent settings for filtering and sorting. The display settings can be selected quickly by the name allowing easy changing of data view perspective. Aggregated computations such as total or average values of fields in selected records can be shown in report views. The database structure can be altered at any time by adding or removing fields and relations. In addition to static field types the application provides derived fields computed from data values in static fields. Derived fields can be used for filtering, sorting and reporting just like static fields. With the full version of application the tables, forms and reports can be printed via system printer on Windows computer or via Google Cloud Print service on Windows Phone device. The full version of the application allows importing and exporting data in various file formats. Native FDB file format can contain data from multiple databases and includes complete definition of fields, relations, derived fields and data views. This format is used for creating backup copies of databases, and for transferring data between different devices. When exporting separate database the application automatically includes also related databases, with an option to include complete copy or only records that are linked by relation. On creating FDB file it is possible to restrict actions allowed on target device after import, and to encrypt exported data with password (note, that the application does not use strong encryption). Records shown in table and form views can be exported as CSV files for integration with other desktop database or spreadsheet applications. Only data from the fields included in active view are exported. Data in media fields are included in separate files accompanying the text data in CSV file. The application includes meta information in a CSV file which enables full cycle export/synchronized re-import. This allows modifying database records using external tools such as desktop database or spreadsheet programs. Table and form views can be exported as HTML files, that can be opened using any web browser. The on-line documentation included with the application can be accessed from any screen through the Help menu command. The application will automatically display the section of documentation relevant to the currently active screen. This is a free version of the application that has some limitations compared to full version: - Import, export and print functions are not included. - Total maximum number of records in all databases combined is limited to 1000. The free version is a fully fledged application with functionality sufficient for many uses. The free version does not contain any advertising or nagging. The free version allows to import initial set of databases from a single native FDB file with unlimited number of records.


Relational database on mobile devices for a field work. Add photo or sound to fields of any type. Add or remove fields at any time after database creation. Enter data into fields of all selected records simultaneously. Derived fields for computations. Create reports that are updated dynamically for filtered records. Styled text annotations in forms and reports.


Fixed problem loading large records with international characters.


适用平台电脑, 移动电话, Surface Hub

操作系统Windows 10 版本 10240.0 或更高版本

体系结构x86, x64, Arm

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