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Free with no ads! Familiar and full featured calculator with advanced solvers. Programmable in BASIC; memory feature; date calculations; advanced robust and classical statistics, trigonometry functions; log and exponents (natural, base 10 and base 2). Advanced solvers for Electrical Engineering and Finance -- enter the number you know, and get the answers you need! Did you know that Unicode includes a thumbs-up sign? To find it, select "Conversions and Tables", and in that list, pick "Unicode Data". Then type "thumb" into the on-screen search box. You can also list all of the Unicode character in the same set. Thumb, for example, is in Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs. Just enter that (or jut Pictographs!) into the search box. As always, I read all feedback for the calculator! Requested features are constantly added to the Best Calculator.


Familiar -- main screen is a simple 4-function calculator Advanced -- on-screen buttons for advanced features Constants -- PI and E; Avagadros's number, Earth gravity and speed of light Change the colors and background symbols Touch friendly -- buttons are large and easy to press; works when pinned Convert -- metric and english; area, length, tempurature, energy, bushels and peck and more Fully programmable in BC BASIC. Use one of the many included sample programs, write your own, or share with friends! Handy ASCII and Unicode reference chart and Resistor color codes Saved Memory area -- name your memory registers BMI and BMI for Kids -- give you weight and height, and it calculates your BMI Ideal heart rate and your current pulse Mortgage Calculator -- give it interest and principle, it will calculate the payments. And it works in reverse, too Solvers -- Electrical Engineering, Finance, Geometry CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) solver Programmer's calculator with Hex, Binary, Octal and network byte order swabbing Compute classical and robust statistics (mean, median, IQR and more) Calculate and display linear regresssion for two data sets Compare data sets: are they the same or not the same Display and compare box and whisker (boxplots) for your data sets Date calculations: how many days between dates, add days, convert international calendars to Gregorian calendar.


New in version 3.20: BASIC is improved with better INKEY$ support and a new STOP SILENT <value> command. Suports the latest Unicode characters. For IOT users, better Gopher and Skoobot support. New in version 3.18: It also works on more downlevel devices; better copy/paste support in the calculator; more functions including a database of places in the world. Version 3.17: Massive improvements to the editor! Try out the Fun Games library and the re-imagined Hunt the Wumpus game! Previous updated: Top requested feature: ENG mode displays exponential data in engineering format: the exponents are always by-three, so the units are easier to work with. Top requested feature: PERCENT KEY to easily calculate taxes and percentages. Advanced statistical mode computes robust and classical statistics, linear regressions and Welch's T-Test to compare data sets. Automatically generates boxplots (box and whisker diagrams) and scatter plots. It's easier than before to jump into BASIC Programming with the new Equation Entry area and the Sigma entry. Date calculations including international calendars. A calculator that's programmable in BASIC! Easily support functions for your profession and then run them by pressing a key! Includes many samples and a full 120+ page manual.


适用平台电脑, 移动电话, Surface Hub, HoloLens

操作系统Windows 10 版本 10586.0 或更高版本

体系结构x86, x64, Arm

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