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Introducing the Ultimate Guitarist's Companion - Your All-in-One Solution for Mastering the Fretboard: 🎸 Virtual Guitar: Immerse yourself in the guitar-playing experience right from your device. Our virtual guitar feature enables you to strum, pluck, and navigate the fretboard with a variety of alternate tunings. Whether you're a seasoned guitarist or a beginner, this feature provides a platform for practice, chord and scale experimentation, and the joy of guitar sounds without requiring a physical instrument. Take hold of virtual strings and let your musical creativity flow. 📦 Comprehensive Package: Elevate your guitar journey with an all-encompassing suite of tools and knowledge. Explore Guitar Chords, Chord Progressions, Scales, Triads, Arpeggios, Fretboard Note Mastery, Reverse Chord & Scale Finder, Chord Quizzes, Alternate Tunings, Guitar Tuner, Virtual Guitar and the intricate web of Chord-Scale Relationships. 🎸 Guitar Chord Encyclopedia: Unleash the potential of over 3000 commonly used guitar chords. Dive into chord theory and find clarity through easy-reference diagrams. Test your prowess with the Chord Quiz feature – a true test of your skills. 🎵 Mastering Guitar Scales: Demystify the realm of guitar scales fearlessly. From the basics to the sublime, our comprehensive scale reference transforms your fretboard knowledge. With 42 scale types spanning major, minor, pentatonic, modes, and more, you'll command all keys with confidence. 🔶 Unveiling Chord-Scale Relationships: Say goodbye to chord change anxiety. Our guide deciphers the intricate dance between chords and scales. Elevate your playing by understanding which scales harmonize with each chord, empowering you to navigate complex progressions effortlessly. 🎼 Modern Guitarist's Arpeggios: Seamlessly locate any arpeggio, regardless of your reading ability. Presented in intuitive diagram form, this feature benefits both beginners seeking structured guidance and professionals requiring arpeggio references for any musical scenario. 🧲 Alternate Tunings Explored: Dive deep into 36 of the most popular alternate tunings, expanding your creative horizons. Whether you're in Standard or Alternate Tuning, access Scales, Arpeggios, and Fretboard Notes effortlessly. Guitar Tuner: Our improved tuning feature now allows you to tune your guitar by ear across a wide range of preset alternate tunings. 🔍 Reverse Chord/Scale Finder Tool: Transform your musical ideas into named chords/scales effortlessly. Struggling to name a chord/scale you've crafted? This ingenious tool deciphers your fretboard inputs, revealing the chord/scale's identity. Experience an unparalleled guitar journey, where knowledge meets practice in perfect harmony. Unleash your true potential with our All-in-One Guitarist's Package.


Virtual Guitar allowing you to play guitar on your PC. Access a range of guitar sounds, including Nylon Guitar and Electric Guitar. Set your preferred tempo for playing chords and scales. Enable auto-play sound when selecting chords or scales. No internet connection required for quick access to chords and scales. Boasts an aesthetically pleasing design with easily readable notes, chord, and scale information. Each chord includes a variety of voicings. Root notes are effortlessly identifiable. Strum chords to audibly explore their sound. Click or tap note circles to hear individual note sounds (in Standard Tuning mode only). Accommodates both left and right-handed players. Personalize your experience by adding chords, scales, arpeggios, etc., to your favorites for convenient access. Fast and precise results.


==Latest Version== - New Feature: Introducing the Virtual Guitar, allowing you to play guitar on your PC. - New Theme: Get into the spirit of Halloween with our new theme. - Bug Fixes: We've squashed various bugs to ensure a smoother and more reliable experience.


适用平台电脑, 移动电话, Surface Hub, HoloLens

操作系统Windows 10 版本 15063.0 或更高版本


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