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Steam : Game Finder allows you to easily find which games are owned within a group of Steam users. It focuses on finding games that have any kind of multiplayer features. The games can be launched directly from the extension, too. UPDATES IN 1.0.5 - Fixed bugs where friendlist would only show the first first friends UPDATES IN 1.0.4 - Fixed bugs with storage filters not being updated correctly UPDATES IN 1.0.3 - Added Disk space filters - Added the ability to fetch a game price when checking who doesn't own a game inside a given group of users. - Various small fixes UPDATES IN 1.0.2 - Added Co-optimus filters - Added the ability to see games by number of owners instead of only the ones shared amongst everyone - Various small fixes UPDATES IN 1.0.1 - Hotfixes + added the ability to reload cached user data in case new games gets purchased but the cache is outdated. UPDATES IN 1.0.0 - Refactored everything and moved to manifest v3! UPDATES IN 0.0.2 - As per community feedback (thanks, memeboy !) It is now possible to toggle on/off a user. - Clicking on a user's avatar will fetch that user's friendlist, making it much easier to add/remove users once at least one exists. - You can copy/paste user list infos to share it inside a group and avoid everyone having to go through the hassle of finding everyone's ID. - Minor bugfixes. Disclaimers : #1 : The extension does not requires you to be logged-in, but will take advantage of it if you fetch data for user who set their profile as being accessible to "friends only". #2 : The extension can only access public profiles, and will show an error such as "No data" or "Private profile" if a user hides his collection. #3 : The extension knows nothing about you, nor can access private data. It only cross-checks publicly available data, mostly from #4 : The extension uses a data dump of the Steam API in order to find which games have a multiplayer components, hence recent games & releases might not be recognized unless the dump is updated (last update : December 25, 2020). Known issues: - If you fetch profiles who have huge libraries (1000+ games), some images will stop loading. This does not impair the app functionality, but will show blank images. - If you abuse the extension (doing loads and loads of check in a short amount of time, not sure it's humanly possible), Steam will limit your access to some of the website data for a short period of time (generally up to ~15min), but it does not affect your ability to use the Steam app directly.

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