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Ampliz = Global B2B Data platform + Personalized Contextual Intelligence With Ampliz Salesbuddy, you can easily find B2B contact details of key decision makers when you visit their website. Apart from extracting information about your sales prospects (email, contact number & LinkedIn profile), you can also view a company’s information like their revenue, employee strength and much more. All of the B2B data available on Ampliz Salesbuddy’s global data platform goes through a 3 step verification process. The data of the B2B contacts on Ampliz Salesbuddy is among the most trusted in the industry. Get B2B business leads, custom prospect fit score, data intelligence, leads’ contact information, and contextual intelligence on the go. 🚀 Features of Ampliz Salesbuddy - Set target customer persona and get prospect fit score on the same - Get Similar matches for the selected persona any time - Access real-time, get LinkedIn profile, Email Ids and Direct Dial numbers - Ampliz Salesbuddy’s B2B data platform returns results blazingly fast - Bulk export your shortlisted B2B prospect contacts from your personal dashboard - Add more data points and request custom data sets with Contextual Intelligence 🚀 Benefits for Marketers and Sales Folks - Get the business leads you need to scale revenue - Save time by focusing on the right prospects - Build a strong Sales pipeline with prospect intelligence - Reduce workflows and man-hours to make the process more efficient - Ace your ABM campaigns with Social data of key decision makers - Leverage the power of a massive global B2B data platform 🚀 Salesbuddy Subscription Plans - Join and enjoy 10 free credits every month - Access Prospect fit score and LinkedIn contacts for free - Check website for pricing plans or upgrade from your dashboard 🚀 About Ampliz SalesBuddy Today, Sales & Marketing teams are in constant flux all the time. Billions of dollars invested in new tools and technologies are disrupting customer outreach & engagement workflows. Teams are adapting to new workflows on a daily basis With short tenures, emerging roles, remote / distributed / freelance & part-time members, new team cultures are disrupting communication channels and promoting collaborative decisions. Companies are pivoting to new industries and business models thereby changing how customer acquisition is done. Teams have to be at every touch point to influence the customer. Teams needs to be armed with intelligence on your customer’s key people, technologies, financial, growth and intent triggers to qualify right prospects, increase pipeline and maximize deal closures. Only one Intelligence matters. Contextual. Ampliz = Global B2B Data platform + Personalized Contextual Intelligence 🚀 About the community #BeingSuperCharged BeingSuperCharged is the Ampliz community to bring together people with the spirit of learning and growing continuously in their professional career. Check out #BeingSuperCharged on LinkedIn Website: Questions? Drop us an email at

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