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VPN for Chrome is a special program for a particular browser, which will be needed in case you need to mask and protect your connection, encrypt personal data (full name, bank card details and so on) and hide the data of this session. VPN for Chrome is easy enough to install from this site. However, the question may arise: why put this program on your PC and what benefits it has. What is a VPN extension for Chrome and why install it? VPN Chrome extension is a compact application that greatly extends the capabilities of the browser. As a rule, these programs are free, require no special installation and fit any operating system. In most cases, VPN for Google Chrome is used as a means of territorial blocking of websites, when making online orders or when transmitting important documents or messages over the Internet. But, in fact, free VPN Chrome can perform other functions: - gives the ability to browse the site anonymously - no one will know the visitor's real IP address; - gives access to any site - In the country sometimes block online resources, you can put a VPN on Chrome to bypass blocking; - provides a stable connection - as a rule, these plugins have a huge number of servers, so that the connection is continuous and fast; - provides a 100% secure connection - access to all the user's personal data will be closed to all unauthorized people; hides the user's traffic - VPN for Google Chrome changes the client's IP to a server address, as a result, no one will be able to track the person's real location; - provides a secure connection to Wi-Fi - if the client often connects to the network "Wi-Fi" in a cafe or other public place, it is worth activating VPN in Chrome to save their data; - encrypts absolutely all data - not only will the user's personal information be safe, but also the search history in the browser; As you can see from the list above, there are many reasons to download a VPN on Chrome. This is especially recommended for those users who like to visit blocked sites, do online shopping, exchange important documents or just worry about the security of their personal data. One of the preferred and popular programs is Troywell VPN, you can download it on this site. Why is Troywell VPN the best program for Google Chrome? Troywell VPN is the best VPN for Chrome, which is already used by more than 50 thousand users. This program has all the features that were discussed in the previous block. But that's not the most important thing. Other features of Troywell VPN are its high connection speed (higher than competitors) and lack of any limits. Some programs force you to buy a paid subscription or settle for a limited version. Troywell VPN is a completely free extension without any restrictions. How to download Troywell VPN and install it on Google Chrome? In fact, installing a VPN for "Google Chrome" is not difficult and does not take too much time. After all, it can be done in one click through this site. To do this, you need to click on the "Install" button, and then confirm your action. That's all you need to do. In a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes, the plugin will install and appear on the control panel. Once this happens, you can use it right away. How do I use Troywell VPN after installation? Congratulations, you've installed a VPN on Chrome, all that's left to do is figure it out. But, in fact, it won't be hard to do. After all, Troywell is the best free VPN for Chrome not only because it's feature-rich and free, but also because it's easy to manage and activate. The icon of this application will always be on the control panel inside the browser, you can remove it from there if necessary. To activate the VPN, you need to click on the Troywell icon. A small window will appear, inside which you need to click on the big activation button. It is not to be confused with anything else. In a couple of seconds, the VPN will start working, and the user will be able to visit even sites blocked in his country, encrypt personal data and hide the history of visits to online pages from prying eyes. Inside this box during the activation you can see your new IP address, which depends on the server to which the user is connected. There you can also find the duration of the current session, the number of megabytes that have been downloaded and uploaded, detailed statistics on the use of the application for the month, as well as sites-exceptions. In addition to this secondary information, inside the application you can find the location of the server to which the user is currently connected. If a person is not satisfied with the connection to that particular location (for example, a server in Germany, the country where the desired site is blocked), it is possible to change this If the user has done the intended and currently does not need the services of Troywell VPN, then it can be disabled. To do this, again, click on the application icon and click on the "Disable VPN" button. The program will immediately disable, but it will remain in the Chrome control panel. If you need it, you can turn it on using the same instructions given in the article above. Uninstalling the VPN is not recommended, as you will probably need it again. To summarize . Troywell VPN for Chrome is one of the best extensions in its field. After all, you can use it to change your IP address to bypass blockades, securely encrypt your personal data, shop online safely, and much more. And you can get it all for free at the click of a button. Already after a few days of use, you will realize that this is the best plugin with such functionality. So install Troywell VPN on Chrome and use it without restrictions.

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