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This extension has the following features: * Allows you to view lichess analysis for any finished game. * Works from the Game Archive as well as from finished live games * Also supports, and I am not affiliated in any way with lichess or (but I'm a fan of both). I'm not playing chess as much right now, so if it's broken, please let me know at Many thanks to all contributors! Reddit discussion is here: Source code is on Github here: Recent changes: 2022 April 17: Fixed for change to download button. 2022 March 28: Fixed some problems with the upgrade to manifest v3. Fixed Fixed for change to download button. 2022 March 27: Upgraded to Chrome manifest v3 (thanks Russell!) 2022 March 5: Prevented analysis from being sent to lichess (thanks Russell!) 2021 December 20: Fixed for games via download button (thanks Pierre-Louis!). 2021 July 29: Fixed for daily games and events. 2021 February 6: Fixed when launched from the analysis pages. (thanks Johannes!) 2020 November 18: Fixes for recent changes. Now works from analysis pages. 2020 September 19: Fixes for changes to urls on and 2020 September 3: Updated for new url format on (thanks mhssmnn!). 2019 December 20: Fixed after recent changes to 2019 October 8: Fixed after recent changes to Now works with games against the computer. 2019 April 16: Support for games from, and Improved manifest to limit permissions as much as possible. Icon now becomes enabled only when there is a valid game to analyse. Improved colour of icon so that it is clear when it is available. 2019 April 4: Fixed after live game. Avoided 'the message port closed...' error. 2019 April 3: Fixed after recent changes to (thanks 0ddFell0w!) . Support for 'daily' games. 2018 December 8: Fixed after recent changes to Lichess import page. 2018 October 20: Fixed problem which was preventing working after live games. 2017 January 3: Fix to link after finished game. Also works from live analysis. 2016 November 30: Print-friendly PDF is now a separate Chrome extension (Lichess Print-friendly PDF). 2016 November 25: Print-friendly PDF now uses AWS lambda. 2016 November 14: Added 'Print-friendly PDF export' which has recently been removed from lichess. 2016 July 5: Fixed for recent changes. 2016 June 29: Fixed game result in lichess PDF export 2016 June 16: Fixed css name clash. 2016 June 16: Fixes for recent changes. Now works from any live game in v3 (not just your own)! 2016 June 13: Uses https in urls. 2016 Mar 30: Improved reliability of computer analysis toggle before uploading to lichess. 2016 Mar 27: Updated to support recent changes to Thanks to Allan Rempel who created a similar plugin for v2. Icon CC-BY-SA 3.0, CBurnett ( with adjustments by AntonSusi (

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