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Tracking your emails to know if the receiver has opened them or not is awesome, so is being immune to it! Trocker gives you the latter! It blocks attempts by email trackers and won't let them track what you do with the emails you receive. You will be amazed to see how many of the emails you receive have trackers in them! If you have any issues with Trocker, email us at or report the issue on GitHub ( Thanks for reporting issues. Given that Trocker needs to react to any breaking changes in webmails, we may not know about new issues unless you report them. Also, please consider giving us a chance to fix the issues before leaving a bad rating/review. And follow us on twitter: More information: You can trust Trocker! Trocker runs locally on your machine and does not send or receive any information from the Internet. It needs permission to all tabs in order to be able to detect and prevent any tracking images or tracked links from being loaded from any of the tabs. But it makes absolutely no outbound Internet access and we neither gather nor use any data about you or your browsing behavior. Trocker is also open source with the source code available at and we encourage everyone to check it out from there or from Chrome Dev tools to confirm that there are no suspicious activities being done. Trocker keeps you safe in all webmails, including Gmail™, Yahoo! and It has additional capabilities in Gmail, Inbox and In these 3 webmails, it has a heuristic tracker detection that detects and blocks almost any email tracking attempt, even from not well-known trackers! Trocker is very efficient as it only gets activated when a tracker is detected. Technical details: Some email trackers track emails by injecting an invisible small image in the mail that is hosted in a specific address in their server. They know when the email is opened by looking at the download requests of the injected images on their servers. Trocker stops this by simply blocking those image links from being loaded. Trocker finds those tracking images based on their url or size. Moreover, some links are click tracked meaning that if you click on them, your clicks are logged and tracked. Trocker tries to bypass those links and redirect you directly to the original target without you being tracked. If not possible, Trocker tries to inform you that the link you've clicked on is tracked. Latest change log: 2.7.0: - Improves handling of drafts, print previous, quotes, and general stability in YMail, Outlook and Gmail. - Adds visual debugging tools for webmails. - Adds info on options for supporting Trocker. 2.6.27: - Improves handling of drafts and general stability in YMail. 2.6.26: - Improves handling of changes in email content. - Adds support for new Gmail proxy url. - Fixes Outlook attachment preview blocking issue that only affected Firefox. 2.6.24: - Adapts to changes in Gmail. 2.6.23: - Adds support for new outlook design updates. 2.6.20: - Fixes outlook sidebar icon issue in Firefox. 2.6.19: - Fixes outlook sidebar icon issue in Firefox. 2.6.16: - Adapts to new under the hood changes in outlook. - Adds more known trackers to block list. 2.6.15: - Fixes Yahoo/outlook bug in the new heuristic. - Adds graceful handling of lost connection to extension context after updates. 2.6.14: - Adds heuristic detection of tracking images based on patterns in the url. 2.6.12: - Fixed handling of attachments in outlook. - Improves logs for easier debugging. 2.6.11: - Improves handling of webmails that load images gradually (e.g. outlook). - Adds Trocker version to options and logs. 2.6.10: - Adds support for classic Yahoo mail. 2.6.9: - Fixes interference with Gmail's signature switch. For the full change log see the Trocker options page.

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