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To use this extension you must have a DataGalaxy user account. Learn more about ___ DataGalaxy, the Data Knowledge Platform Consult your DataGalaxy data catalog without leaving your favorite application thanks to this extension for Chrome. Search and get useful data information wherever you are. ___ 📌 Open DataGalaxy widget from the Extensions toolbar Install the extension, and remember to pin it to your extensions bar for quick access. With this extension you won't need to log in to the DataGalaxy platform to view your data catalog. 🔍 Launch a search in the extension in one click from a web page You are consulting your dashboard on power BI and you want to search for an indicator in DataGalaxy? Select it and with the right click of your mouse, you can launch a search directly in the Chrome extension. You can also copy and paste the name of an object directly into the search bar of the extension.The results are organized by relevance and the objects whose name perfectly matches your search stand out in the "Exact match" section. 🎯 Refine your search with quick filters Depending on the richness of your catalog, a simple text search can return a lot of results. To simplify and speed up your searches, use the quick filters available. These dynamic filters adapt according to the first results found to refine your search more quickly. 🌍 Get and edit the essential knowledge about your data assets Click on the object you're interested in to open its object card and browse essential information at a glance: description, tags, owners, context, etc. It's like being on the platform, while being on the plugin. To be even more productive, users with editing rights on objects can edit the attributes available in the object cards. 🚀 Easily navigate to related assets Thanks to the tabs "Linked objects" and "Descendants", you get the context and the hierarchy of your object. With one click you can consult all these objects. For example, from the field of a report, you can directly access the column from which it takes its value in the data dictionary, or the indicator that defines it in the glossary. 💬 Add comments Just like in the platform, you will find the comments section in each of the object cards. From this section, add your remarks and mention your colleagues who will be notified from the platform.

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