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Video Downloader is the best way when trying to download videos, no ads, easy and fast. Our extension lets you save multiple versions in HD and SD from many popular video websites! Extension video downloader icon in the upper right corner of the browser will be painted in turquoise color if the extension detects any video files. A popup window video saver or video downloader displays each available media file, format, and video size. Then just click the “Download” button to save the video to your PC. Done! With this extension you will have the opportunity: - Built-in video player - Download multiple videos simultaneously. - Downloads almost from 99% of video hosting websites. Thanks to this extension you can download as many videos as you want so you can watch the high-quality videos at any time even without internet connectivity. How to download videos online using the video downloader professional extension. With Facebook, millions of videos and photos are uploaded every day making it more than just asocial media platform and more of a video sharing website. And it is among the most used video sharing photos. If you want to download a video, can you? With video downloader you can download it for free and save it online so here's how you can do that. Easy To Use: 1.) Just go to (for example) or for any others video resources 2.) Find the Video you want to download . 3.) Click to the video downloader icon. 4.) Click on the extension if the download button does not show up after refreshing your screen 5.) Press the download button in the for every video. 6.) Save as MP4 in HD or SD quality 7) Built-in video player Thanks to this extension you can download as many videos as you want so you can watch the high-quality videos at any time even without internet connectivity. Main features list: • Video downloader, bulk video downloader • Music and mp3 video downloader, bulk video downloader • mp4 downloader • Cloud sync • Batch(bulk) link downloader New Powerful Video Downloader Supported Formats: * Mp4 Videos * Mov * Fly video * Webm * Facebook Videos * And many more Videos that works video downloader Download any video you wish and watch it any time and anywhere you like. For most popular platforms we support please see the screenshots. So now you can enjoy the videos offline anytime and anywhere you want thanks to the fantastic video downloader professional. Features: • Supported formats: MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WEBM, ASF, MPG. • 4k downloader feature supports videos up to 2k and 4k • Bulk video downloading - saving multiple videos simultaneously • Build-in video player • Sync video with your cloud, Google Drive, DropBox • Get video’s direct link to share with friends With the new version of Video Downloader - All Video downloads are even faster and easier. Unlike other video and mp3 downloader as Video Downloader pro, Video Downloader, Free Video Downloader, or Flash Video Downloader *Important* Video Downloader is NOT a Youtube Downloader. Due to restrictions of the Google Web store Policies and Developer Program Policies GT Video Downloader can not download Youtube Videos. Thank you for understanding. For us it's very important that flash video downloader is 100% free to use, and never will be paid.

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