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Add-on to help play Axie Infinity ( This extension will show number of breeds, HP, speed, purity, and pending exp. When mousing over the stat line, it will show you hidden genes. Changes: 1.7.1: Updated to work with new graphql query. 1.7.0: Thanks to Maxbrand for adding 512-bit gene support and summer parts! Added support for new marketplace filters to make loading faster. 1.6.2: Fixed axie details page stats. Changed breeds icon. New filters don't work yet 1.6.1: Support reverse part search (to a degree) 1.6.0: Migrated to Chrome Extensions manifest v3 1.5.4: Fixed CORS issue 1.5.3: Fixed search/sort drop-downs 1.5.2: Fix for new Axie URLs 1.5.1: Switched to V2 graphql API and fixed fetching batch axies for ronin addresses. 1.5.0: Major speed up and code clean up. Removed support for old axie site. 1.4.6: More API migration. 1.4.4: Bug fixes/tweaks. Updated to work with Axie Infinity's new API format. 1.4.2: Performance tweak 1.4.1: Fixed performance problem on marketplace/inventory pages when petites were present. 1.4.0: Fixed bug causing slowdown on axie details page. Fixed dropdown transparency issues. 1.3.7: Fixed bug when trying to write stats to children portaits on the new axie details page (no longer trying to print stats there). 1.3.6: Made extension work with new API change. Now overwriting "Breed Count" text with stats. 1.3.5: Fixed popup menu 1.3.4: Removed exp feature since we've moved on to love potions now. 1.3.3: Fixed broken list view in new marketplace. 1.3.2: Tweaked gene box location. 1.3.1: Bug fix. 1.3.0: Added support for the new marketplace site. Fixed bug with Japanese breeding window. 1.2.2: Fixed pending exp bug due to new Chrome security restrictions ( 1.2.1: Reverted last update. Turns out we don't need Account ID. 1.2.0: Display Axie Account ID on the Land inventory page. For use with other tools. 1.1.6: final v1 to v2 api change 1.1.5: Fixed minor bug for v2 api. 1.1.4: Reverted breaking change. 1.1.3: Moved to v2 api. Minor bug fix. 1.1.2: Minor bug fix. 1.1.1: Updated outdated Infura endpoint server. 1.1: Added hidden genes display to the Axie details page. Mouseover the stars area.

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1.7.1 已同步至最新
2022年8月11日 5天前