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Prod blocks time-wasting sites until you've finished your to‑do list. That's the basic premise of Prod, but it has other ways of gently nudging you to be productive. Every aspect of Prod is designed to make productivity easy and time-wasting hard. REVIEWS: ★★★★★ — ”This is the perfect productivity app: simple yet powerful.“ ★★★★★ — ”Best to-do list I've ever used. I love how it opens on each new tab and is so simple and clear.“ ★★★★★ — ”Clean, easy to start using right away. What else can you want?“ ★★★★★ — ”Great app with a great UX and a sleek design. Time to get work done :)“ ★★★★★ — ”I needed this app so much. Thank you, it's perfect.“ Read lots more in the reviews section FEATURES: ✔ Prod replaces your new-tab page with a simple, satisfying to-do list. ✔ Blocks time-wasting sites and redirects you back to your to-do list. ✔ Create scheduled and recurring tasks ✔ Prod doesn't show ads, collect personal data, or bug you for money. ✔ Now and then, Prod will provide you with a tip to improve productivity and happiness. (More on this below) ✔ A minimal design and user interface to help you focus. HOW PROD MAKES MONEY: Prod doesn't ask for money, show ads, bug you to upgrade, or anything annoying like that. Paid for versions of Prod for iOS and Android are in the works. PRIVACY: This Chrome extension doesn't collect any data, personal or otherwise. Version 2.0: · A cleaner, calmer canvas for your thoughts. · New incentives for being productive. · Intuitive options page. · New system for productivity tips. Version 2.0.1: · Clearer instructions for blocking websites Version 2.0.2: · Minor bug fixes · Removed ping noise Version 2.0.3: · Minor bug fixes Version 2.0.4: · Added Analytics Version 2.0.5 · Options no longer blocks list · Improvements to layout and design Version 2.0.6 · Added a share with email button in the options page Version 2.0.7 · Bug Fixes Version 2.0.8 · You can now add to-dos from the task bar Version 2.0.9 · You can now block specific URLs, e.g. or Version 2.0.10 · Bug Fixes Version 2.1.0 · Add Pause Options, use with caution · New options design Version 2.1.1 · Lots of minor updates Version 2.1.2 · Now compatible with Firefox · Minor bug fixes Version 2.1.3 · MInor bug fixes Version 2.1.4 · Removed Google Analytics · Minor Bug Fixes Version 2.1.5 · Various bug fixes Version 2.1.6 · More various bug fixes Version 3.0.0 · Huge Changes - lots of new features for more information visit Version 3.0.1 · Some small bug fixes Version 3.0.2 · Fixed issue with scrolling on the blocklist Version 3.1.0 · Updated Visuals, the ui is now much clearer and easier to understand. · Some bug fixes and performances improvements Version 3.1.1 · Quick fix for scrolling issue on Google Chrome

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