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Transforms the Youtube feed subscriptions page in to a much nicer grid layout, as well as re-instating the functionality to mark or hide videos you've already watched. Follow @subsgrid - for updates! Source code is available here: 1.19 (bugfix release) - Fixes YT latest attempt at useability, which may actually be a bug on their end but I'm happy to fix it for them! 1.18.2 (bugfix release) - NEW PERMISSION REQUIRED. Part of the extension which previously did not need user permission to operate now does - Chrome may prompt you to re-authorise access for the extension to work. The new permission allows the extension to see all the tab url's you have open - this is used to keep your watched video history up to date between multiple Youtube tabs. 1.18 Added option to bypass the "Mark all videos as watched" alert A few bug fixes 1.17 Added settings panel with link to Twitter & Github. Added a setting to auto load videos as you scroll Greatly increased the number of videos the extension will track in it's history from 200 to 5000. Numerous bug fixes & performance enhancements. 1.15 & 1.16 Classic grid mode is here! Provides a third grid view along side YT's two views, which emulates the traditional "classic" grid. No date headers, and a wider viewing area. Also fixed a number of bugs and added some performance improvements. *** PLEASE NOTE: If you are missing videos, channel names, titles etc this is very likely because Youtube are using you to test new page code, which I don't have access to. There is very little I can do until Youtube make this the default, please submit a bug here: ***

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