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HubbleIQ is an easy-to-understand WiFi speed test and internet performance monitor. HubbleIQ helps you understand what to expect from your Wifi connection and gives you recommendations that help you fix your WiFi & internet issues on your own. Our extension detects outages and tells you the cause of it. HubbleIQ is not like other speed test apps. Our tool is designed to help you understand what your speed test results actually mean and helps you anticipate issues on your Zoom, WebEx, Skype, Bluejeans, and Hangout video meetings. Features: ● On-demand and automatic WiFi & internet speed test ● Internet outage type detection - WiFi network or Internet Service Provider ● Tailored recommendations, help articles, and fixes. ● Internet & WiFi speed test results logging ● Test results sharing and exporting for easy remote help assistance ● Color-coded status indicator for WIFI & internet performance and health Install the HubbleIQ Chrome extension and run a WiFi quality and internet speed test before every video call. Interested in HubbleIQ for your organization? HubbleIQ for enterprise helps you empower your remote users to support themselves as they work from home. When help is needed, we make requesting and providing help quick and easy, no matter how technical your users are. To learn more about how HubbleIQ can transform the way you support your employees, students, and customers, visit us at HubbleIQ.com or e-mail us at contact@hubbleiq.com Stay connected: ● Visit us: https://hubbleiq.com ● Like us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/hubbleiq ● Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hubbleiq ● Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hubbleiq Email: contact@hubbleiq.com Use Cases: Work from home HubbleIQ was built to help remote workers navigate the world of unpredictable WiFi and internet performance. Whether you work from home, a hotel, or a coffee shop, it’s important to understand the quality of your WiFi and internet connection, especially before video calls. Distance learning HubbleIQ helps students and teachers manage their internet connection from any remote location. Good connectivity is critical for remote participation and engagement. Telehealth HubbleIQ helps remote patients manage their connection with their doctor, physician, and healthcare professional. Managing connection quality in telehealth helps ensure health problems are diagnosed and proper care is provided. FAQ Why HubbleIQ's WIFI performance, outage, and internet speed test? HubbleIQ believes that the internet and WiFi issues should be anticipated and avoided. Many people run internet speed test apps to either determine how fast their internet is compared to their subscription or to resolve issues. HubbleIQ takes speed test to the next level and helps you achieve these things with a simple click of a button. - How does it work? HubbleIQ performs a WIFI quality, reliability, and internet speed test. By looking at factors including upload internet speed, download internet speed, jitter, and latency, it can warn you if your network is at a high risk of poor performance or interruption. HubbleIQ will warn you if you should expect issues. It doesn’t matter what video conferencing you are on, whether it is Zoom, WebEx, Skype, BlueJeans, or any other calls, we offer suggestions to fix or avoid the issue altogether. - What's the difference between a WiFi & Internet speed test? The internet is often referred to as simply WiFi. However, it is important to distinguish between these two things. WiFi is your local wireless network. This is what your devices connect to within your home or living space. The performance of your WiFi typically relies on signal strength, or the 802.11 standard your wireless devices support. See below for the list of WiFi standards and their performance. 80211.b - Max Data Rate - 11Mbps 802.11a - Max Data Rate - 54Mbps 802.11g - Max Data Rate - 54Mbps 802.11n - Max Data Rate - 450Mbps 802.11ac - Max Data Rate - 1,300Mbps or 1.3Gbps The internet, however, is what connects your local WiFi network to your online services, such as Zoom, WebEx, Facebook, Netflix, and everything else over the internet. Your WiFi network and connection to the Internet both matter when running a speed test, and your connection will only be as fast as your weakest link. You can learn more about this by visiting the HubbleIQ help center. https://hubbleiq.app/howtospeedtest - How is HubbleIQ different from other speed test apps? HubbleIQ does not only test for speed. It tests for network quality, reliability, and consistency. All of these factors are critical when you work from home and taking remote video meetings. We put the power of knowledge in the hands of everyone, no matter how technical they are. - Can HubbleIQ run on my smartphone? If you’d like to run a HubbleIQ outage and speed test on your smartphone, visit our browser-based app at hubbleiq.app/trynow - How does HubbleIQ know what my experience will be with my video conferencing tool (eg: Zoom, WebEx, BlueJeans, Skype, Hangout) Every video conferencing tool works a little differently. Although Zoom, WebEx, BlueJeans Skype, and Hangouts are different video conferencing applications, they all have similar requirements when it comes to making a call successfully. For example, Zoom calls require 1 - 4Mbps for satisfactory video experience. WebEx, Skype & BlueJeans require about the same. More importantly, all of these applications rely on network stability, consistency, and not just speed. HubbleIQ tests for all of these things to help you be prepared before every video call. - Can HubbleIQ integrate in my calendar? HubbleIQ continually evaluates features that will make our performance and speed test more valuable to our users. Calendar integration is on our roadmap, along with other features that ensure that your WiFi & internet connection is sufficient for Zoom, WebEx, Skype, and Bluejeans meetings. If you'd like to join our BETA program, you can sign up below and be the first to know when we support calendar integration. https://www.hubbleiq.com/beta-signup - Does HubbleIQ work over VPN? Yes. HubbleIQ can perform WIFI quality and internet speed test apps over VPN connections. VPNs may sometimes slow down internet speeds and quality, impacting your experience with applications such as Zoom, WebEx, Skype & BlueJeans. The ‘results history’ log in HubbleIQ can help you determine if your VPN client is slowing down your internet speed and causing your connection to disconnect frequently. If you suspect your VPN is slowing down your internet speed and performance, you can export your results to your support technician and help them resolve the issue quickly for you. - What about my data? Data privacy is very important to us. HubbleIQ does NOT require any special access permissions to install and use. Visit HubbleIQ.com for our full data privacy policy. - Disclaimer: Skype is a trademark of Microsoft. This application and its developer(s) are in no way affiliated with Microsoft. WebEx is a trademark of Cisco Systems. This application and its developer(s) are in no way affiliated with Cisco WebEx. This application and its developer(s) are in no way affiliated with Bluejeans, Zoom, Facebook, and Netflix - HubblelQ was made for remote workers, by remote workers. We believe the future of work is remote. Our mission is to provide regular people with enterprise quality tools so they can work, live, and learn from more places.

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