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What's New 10.1.1 — Supercharge your meetings with time management: set your success clock with our automatic meeting timer ⏱️ — Performance improvements ————————————————— Enhance your Google Meet Experience with the Ultimate Meet Extension! Time is precious, and we understand the importance of making every second count. Meet Extension is intelligently crafted to save you time by eliminating distractions and streamlining your video call experience. From automatic meeting reminders and one-click joining to intuitive meeting scheduling and powerful meeting management tools, you'll reclaim valuable time to focus on what truly matters. Upgrade to the Future of Video Calls Don't settle for subpar video call experiences any longer. Elevate your virtual meetings to a whole new level with our Meet Extension. Unlock unparalleled features, boost your productivity, and achieve your goals with ease. Experience the future of video calls today! Download our Meet Extension now and unleash the full potential of your Google Meet meetings! FREE features: — Supercharge your meetings with time management: set your success clock with our automatic meeting timer ⏱️ — Instant meeting magic: skip pre-meeting hassles with auto join! 🚀 — Lights, camera, zero action: camera auto-off on meeting entry 📷 — Silence on demand: effortless mic muting throughout meetings! 🎤 — Express yourself with reactions: emote, react, and connect like never before! 😃👍 — Raise your voice in a click: tap "h" for instant hand raising! 🙋‍♂️✨ — Simplify, amplify, conquer: tooltips and modals for ultimate focus 🧠🔒 — Stay in the loop: real-time internet connection status at your fingertips! 🌐📶 — Breeze past distractions: say goodbye to "add others" popups with a click! 🚫 — Captions at your command: instant caption control for perfect communication! 💬 — Link up swiftly: copy meeting link effortlessly for quick sharing! 🔗 — Immersive engagement: dive into full screen mode for maximum impact! 🖥️🌟 Unlock these phenomenal features now and elevate your meeting experience to extraordinary heights! 🚀🔥 Premium features: — 🎥 Capture your moments: record locally with ease – instant start, mp4 export 📼 — 📅 Sync with google calendar: automate your actions effortlessly! check it out: — 💬 Save your conversations: download your chat history in a snap! 💾 — 👥 Keep a record: download your valuable participants list instantly! 📋 🚀 Blink of an eye: perform complex actions in just one click! 📣 — Instant launch: start a meeting on the fly! 🚀 — Scheduled success: plan meetings with a single click! 🗓️ — 🎥 Multitask like a pro: picture-in-picture mastery – watch and work simultaneously! 🎬📱 🔍 Explore beyond: unlock the context menu magic from any tab! ✨ — Swift transition: jump to your meeting tab in a blink! 🏃‍♂️ — Mic magic: mute/unmute with the speed of thought! 🔇🔊 — Visualize virtuosity: toggle camera on/off with instant precision! 📷🔒 Open the gateway to these premium marvels now and experience meeting mastery at its finest! 💎🚀 Feature request ↗ Privacy Policy Terms of service Disclaimer — ⚠️ This is not a Google Product ⚠️ — By using "Record a video meeting" feature you accept responsibility for complying with applicable laws.

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