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Whether you want to speed up a lecture or slow down a tutorial, "Video Duration for YouTube™" gives you full control over your video viewing experience. With this extension, you can easily try out different speeds and see how much time you could save or add based on your selection. Also, the remaining video length is shown so you can plan your viewing time more efficiently. ⚡️ Features ⚡️ - Adjust video playback speed beyond 2x, or jump to 1x - Find out how much time will be saved or added comparing to watching in 1x speed - Know how long it takes to watch the rest of the video at current speed - Continue using your favorite shortcuts already provided by YouTube - Tailor the extension to your liking with settings 💥 Keyboard shortcuts 💥 Change Speed: A / D Jump to x1 speed: S Restart video: R Rewind / advance 10 seconds: J / L Play / pause: K Mute / unmute: M 🎉 Updates 🎉 1.0.6 - Basic settings allow users to enable/disable the extension, use controller only, use keyword shortcuts only, or use both simultaneously (default) - (User requested) Timing information will persist if controller is selected in settings - Feedback form is available upon uninstall - Bug fix: "New" badge to persist over extension icon on update until open 1.0.5 - Speed controller is added to the top right corner of the video on YouTube so it can be used without the need to open the extension popup. - Extension shortcuts are updated so that they can be used together with native shortcuts on YouTube without conflict. - Notify users of new updates with a badge over the extension icon on the toolbar - Manual website refresh is no longer needed after extension update or initial install for it to work properly. 1.0.4 - You are now able to restart (R), mute/unmute (M), rewind/advance (J/L), and play/pause (K) the video directly from the popup. - Time is now automatically synced. No more manual refresh. - Quick access to shortcuts when you need it. - Prefer to use WASD for shortcuts? Now you can use them in addition to arrow keys. 🚨 Future Release 🚨 Please use the support form to report problems, request features, and make suggestions. If this extension is helpful to you, please leave a rating or review so more people can find it. Thank you for your support!

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