Luru: Revenue Workspace for Sales teams
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Luru helps sales folks save 3-4 hours every week from CRM busywork. It also help you stay on top of your pipeline and follow playbooks like a pro! * Luru is the fastest way to access and update your CRM with a single click. * You can take meeting notes right in the context of your meeting that syncs automatically to your CRM. No more context switches or having to copy over notes from multiple apps * You can setup meeting workflows that work for you. You follow BANT or MEDDICC? Just set them as templates to guide you through meetings. Luru will magically pick the right ones for you based on who you are meeting If you use Salesforce or Hubspot do try our You will experience increased productivity and get the CRM to work for you. Your CRM resides on every webpage: With Luru Sidekick you can access your CRM on any webpage using the shortcut Cmd + J (or Ctrl +J on a PC). You can create and update records, notes and tasks easily without having to open multiple tabs! Take notes from inside Zoom and GMeet: * Auto Sync to CRM * Access to CRM right from within the meeting * Magic linking to CRM records * Clutter free Interface * Access your notes from anywhere Playbooks that are practical and useful: Create meeting playbooks that guide you through the calls. Luru will automatically load the right playbook for you by looking at the meeting participants and your CRM entries. You can concentrate on the meeting and take your notes, while Luru does the heavy lifting. Update your CRM with fewer clicks: Updating your CRM should not take this long. With Luru you can update your CRM in seconds so that you can get back to what you love most - selling Action items at your finger tips: Quickly create action items for yourself or your team in a single click. Luru will remind you about it when you are emailing your client or have an upcoming meeting with them

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