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    Tab Deque ======== A webextension for better tab handling. Inspired by Opera 12 and its `Activate the last active tab` setting, which is not the same as `most recently used tab` or `last tab selected` other extensions provide. Most users will recognize the behaviour from the way windows are handled on their Desktop. When using Windows(with stacking disabled) or for example Xfce under Linux, opening a window adds it to the taskbar, clicking another one will focus that one, closing or minimizing will bring the previous one back to focus. This extension will do that and more. Building a deque of tabs: ------------------------- - When a tab is closed, it is removed from the deque. If it was the current one, the next one from the front of the deque is selected. - Opening a tab in the background adds it at the end of the deque, so it will be selected after all others have been closed. - Opening a tab in the foreground or selecting a tab moves it to the front of the deque. - You can also send a tab to the end of the deque, which means the next one from the front of the deque is selected. It's bit like minimizing a window on your desktop, but as there is no desktop to show when all other tabs have been "minimized"/closed, the tab gets re-selected. This is currently an option in the tab's (if supported by the browser) and page's context menu. Ideally a simple left click would do that too (like a previous version of this extension based on a different API did), but there is currently no API for detecting clicks on tabs. There is also a keyboard shortcut: `Ctrl-Down`. - A kind of undo of the latter is `Ctrl-Up`, it selects the tab at the end of the deque and moves it to the front of the deque. Feedback -------- You can report bugs or make feature requests on Patches are welcome.

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