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Protect yourself from fake NFT sites. Menta gives you a legitimacy rating for websites that host NFT collections so you can browse safe. Fake NFT profiles are on the rise. In February 2022, OpenSea alone disclosed that over 80% of the items created with free minting were plagiarized works, fake collections, and spam (1). There are also countless domains that presume to be the official page of popular or rising NFT collections. Fake sites not only plagiarize work, they can empty your wallet or just leave you with a pricey fake NFT. Menta automates what you manually do to confirm you are in an official NFT collection site. It cross-checks an NFT collection's online profiles, and compares the results with our records. You can see the rating with one click as you browse. ---------------------------------------------- How does Menta work? Menta is a Chrome extension that rates the web browser tab you are in with score from A to F. “A” for official NFT sites that are verified, and all the way to “F” for definitely fake NFT sites. The rating is computed by cross-referencing the accounts associated with the address of the tab you are in. When you click the extension, Menta pulls the collection’s unique URL, OpenSea page, and Twitter profile to check that the information matches. In the backend, we dynamically update the database of NFT collection accounts. So we can also nudge you to redirect to the official site in the event you are in a fake one. As in, if you are in “” you should likely consider “”. The Beta version supports NFT collections across OpenSea, Twitter, and unique domains. But future releases will include more marketplaces and chains. Do share feedback or feature requests with us! ---------------------------------------------- What do the ratings mean? A. Top rating across platforms. Collection domain, OpenSea profile, and Twitter profile all match and may be verified. B. Looking good! There are no inconsistencies on the profiles found. When the profiles are verified we will upgrade the collection rate. C. Something is missing. The collection you are browsing may not have a profile on OpenSea or Twitter, or there are some loose ends on their linked accounts. D. This site looks off! Our rating shows that there is a mismatch of records across platforms. You may want to confirm you got the link right! F. This looks fake fake. The site you are browsing is in our blocklist for faking to be the collection you are looking for. Menta Extension Permissions: We are aware of the permissions warning. This is happening because we do API calls to twitter and OpenSea from the extensions. That is the only code reading/writing that is happening. Menta stand on privacy Menta only collects information from the websites you decide to rate when you click on the Menta Chrome extension. We use the information collected from a website to rate its legitimacy and show the rating to you through the extension. Other than that, Menta does not record or collect data directly linked to you, your wallet, or your Chrome session. Menta does not read forms or fields you may have filled in. Menta does not sell or ever intends to sell data tied to our users. We use the data collected for troubleshooting, debugging, and developing the next release of Menta. That's it.

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