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Make Notion more productive and less distractive. Notion Boost is a lightweight extension to add extra features and tweaks to Notion: ✔️ Show sticky outline (table of contents) for pages that have headings or sub-headings. ✔️ Set full width for all pages by default. ✔️ Set small text for all pages by default. ✔️ Add 'Scroll to top' button. ✔️ Show full text in table cells on mouse hover. ✔️ Close slash command menu '/' by pressing space key. ✔️ Don't show slash command menu when pressing '/'. ✔️ Hide floating help button for all pages. ✔️ Align document images to left instead of center. ✔️ Show line numbers for code blocks. ✔️ Enable spellcheck inside code blocks. ✔️ Don't show popup menu when pasting external links. ✔️ Hide red notification icon from sidebar. ✔️ Add more height to page by hiding top padding, image cover, & icon ✔️ Make bold text bolder when using Notion in dark mode. ✔️ Truly hide 'Hidden columns' in Kanban board view. ✔️ Hide comments section from all pages. ✔️ Hide backlinks section from all pages. ✔️ Open full pages instead of preview. ✔️ Narrow spacing between list items. ✔️ Add indentation lines to lists. ✔️ Make Rollup URLs clickable. ✔️ Add frame to images. 🏠 Homepage: ✅ Complete list of features: 🙏 If you found this extension useful then please support it by rating ★★★★★. Notion Boost is also available for Firefox, Brave, and Edge. Follow @NotionBoost ( for unique tips, tricks, and free goodies. _________________________________________________________ HOW IT WORKS 1. Visit any notion page. 2. Click on the extension icon (clickable only when you are on a notion page). 3. A popup menu will appear, you can toggle features from there. _________________________________________________________ WHO MADE THIS? Notion Boost is made by Gourav Goyal ( I am a tech founder and productivity freak who relies heavily on Notion to organize things and manage work. I made this extension to make Notion more productive (and less distractive) by filling the gaps which I feel are lacked in the product. I hope you find this extension helpful :) _________________________________________________________ PRIVACY POLICY Notion Boost extension is an open-source project and has no ads, no analytics, no trackers, and no use of cookies. Furthermore, Notion Boost extension does not store or send any data from your Notion account. _________________________________________________________ SUPPORT Reach out at for any feedback.

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